2016 Electoral Map Prediction Trump vs. Clinton 9/27 – 6 Weeks From Election Day

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  1. I'm not sure about CO and PA. I feel good about everything else but a few are questionable. I Think he has a higher chance than people think in CO, MI, and OR as well. Although I think he will lose those states. PA is very debatable. I say he smokes her everywhere in PA except Philly. "Philladelphia will decide the election

  2. This is laughable at best. Why don't you put your money where your mouth is and actually bet on Donald if you're so sure he's gonna win. You'd make a fortune since his odds are below 15% on most of the betting websites.

  3. Joke vid? Clinton is leading by a lot in Pennsylvania, and has solid to moderate leads in Nevada, Florida, Ohio, Iowa, and North Carolina, yet you give trump all of those? Bad map

  4. Anyone who believes Georgia could go blue is quite possibly the stupidest person on earth. I live in metro Atlanta and I have literally not met a single person her who likes Hillary since the campaign started and I mean that in all seriousness. Not a single one, she might get 1 vote for every maybe 10 to 20 trump gets. I see trump stickers, signs, all over everything down here and I have seen I think some chick with blue hair driving a Volkswagen with her bumper sticker on it. (That's so stereotypically hilarious) I mean that's the literal extent of anyone I see or met that actually supports her. Everyone is republican here and there's literally no freaking chance anyone would vote for a democrat except maybe 5% of the total voters. Not to mention as well the overwhelming community of veterans here, I've never met any of them who would vote for her. They'd all rather trump or a 3rd party. She won't win Georgia lol trust me

  5. Yes you expected Hillary to be like the Republican wusses that let the bombastic pile of crap butt them, but she isn't a a Republican wuss. Looks like you're onto something…except, as we found in the "Romney landslide," pulling crap out of your ass doesn't win elections…oh BTW, Oct 7, 2016…the day Trump was flushed and the Republican party went down the drain with him. You look pretty stupid now, but not nearly as stupid as you will in November!

  6. Hello, Developing News that won't make the evening news, Crates of BALLOTS THAT ARE ALREADY MARKED for Killery, were found in storage, and were going to be merged with the actual voters votes. So voter turnout is very important, but we have to watch for the DEAD PEOPLE who have been registered and have voted for Killery.

  7. Watched your previous Electoral Map – great info, and I thought your explanations of what-state, what-color were cognizant of which way the wind is currently blowing – important factors to consider other than each state's voting history, especially with this election.
    One question for you …When you say Michigan has a large Muslim population, are these refugee Muslims, or voting eligible "citizen" Muslims. If it's the prior, they are of no significance in the election. Then, since our government holds these infestation numbers close to the vest, we as an American "citizen" population, are unaware of the significance of their [possible] citizenship status.
    Michigan for instance voting Red/Blue comes-down-to the combination of 2-things = The overall dominant demographic, and realizing (knowing for sure) WHO in that demographic may legally vote (IMO).
    But, there I go again …believing ONLY those who are legally eligible to vote are the ONLY voters … still holding-out that is the case in America.

  8. Have you seen the Real Clear Politics aggregates? Trump is in free fall. Predictwise.com also has Clinton with almost 80% odds of winning. I'd rather be Clinton than Trump right now.

  9. Trump needs to make sure he has people at every voting center…..Hillary already stole one election from Bernie, she will probably steal another. This isn't about what the people want anymore (probably never has been), it's win by any means necessary. I wish him luck.

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