2016 General Election Prediction

In this map I give details on each candidate and how Donald Trump will win the general election.



  1. Your logic was flawed from the first minute. Hillary would still want to campaign in North Carolina and Georgia so that she can flip them to her! More votes just mean more defense. Don't act like she would only defend the states Obama won, she is going to go after all of the swing states just like Trump. She's not a moron (though idk about Trump…).

  2. These predictions are absurd. After the first two debates and Trumps recent tapes being released, Hillary is going to win by a landslide. Trump will not flip Pennsylvania, nor will he win Florida. You need to start to realize that Trump support is crumbling from underneath him, all the while Hillary is gaining in the polls.

  3. I don´t think that Trump win in Pennsylvania. Republicans last won there in 1988 and during the last 50 years in Pennsylvánia won Democratic candidates. My prediction Hillary Clinton win 275 : 263

  4. Trump has no chance at Pennsylvania, Virginia, or Iowa. That's 39 electors he can't make up elsewhere. He has a good shot at Neveda (6) an Colorado (9), which would give him 272. Now that's assuming everything else goes your way but NC is not a done deal for Trump nor is OH or FL. And he has to get all three to have any chance. Just one miss and he's toast.

  5. Yeah. Cubans tend to be more Republican. This is due to the fact that we had it a lot easier when we come in the United States and don't typically come illegally, thus giving us a bad perspective of illegal immigrants. My whole family is Cuban and going for Trump, even me.

  6. Your prediction is wrong. Hillary is growing more favorable again especially after last nights debate where she crushed Trump and 62% of voters supported her. Hillary Clinton will be the 45th President, not fuck up trigger-happy Trump.

  7. The whole voting system in the US is bullshit, it makes no sense that the presidential reault will come down to the people in a few states, so the candidates will promote policies regarding these states while ignoring the others.

  8. Great video! I think it's gonna be even better for Trump. He's gonna win Nevada and Virginia, of course Pennsylvania and Florida too and I would love to see him winning Colorado although it's a very liberal state but they have a chance. And yeah, i think he's winning Iowa too and also I'm praying for Michigan to wake up and vote Trump. Michael disgusting Moore said he's gonna win there. Let's hope so. Go Trump! This will be a huge election for the Republicans!!!

  9. im from NJ one problem with trump winning PA and MI and WI is that they haven't gone republican since 84 and 88 and the DNC was in philly so its going to be tough for mr.Trump i hope he wins though

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