2016 Presidential Election Prediction Part 1 (Aug 6 – 93 days to go)

Please read the description below!
Thank you for watching my first election prediction video, i will try and upload these prediction videos weekly, note that i am doing a so called “NOW CAST” – as seen on
Now Cast means i predict what would happen if the election were held TODAY and if nothing happened that would change voter’s minds – obviously i don’t know what’s going to happen so NO ONE can predict the outcome of the election on November 8 at this point. NOTE that this is just MY point of view – and polls as well as numerous pollsters like fivethirtyeight’s NOW-CAST agree with me.
I am NOT taking a side, i am not a Clinton Fanboy or a Trump Fanboy. If Trump takes the lead in the polls and recovers from the horrible media attention he’s been getting then things can change and he might win.

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  1. Congratulations, You predicted a Sanders vs Cruz electoral map because it's clear you've been ignorantly brainwashed by the liberal media's rigged polls. The only way Crooked Hillary could win like that is if the rigged system flipped every single vote. Fortunately the electronic voting machines won't be able to flip votes fast enough since the independent national polls recently proved that Trump is leading by a massive landslide. I live in Upstate NY south of Albany, which is said to a very Liberal area. You know what. There are very few Hillary supporters here. Everyone else who lives here are all for Trump. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain.

  2. Any American by now should be aware that the majority of polls are either fake, or wrong. During the primaries, many polls stated that Trump was very far behind… and how did that work out? Also, there have been reports of these companies polling more Democrats than Republicans, so of course that would put Hillary in the lead. I live in New Hampshire, a swing state (but mostly goes blue) and I have to say, I have only met one Hillary supporter in the past year or so. All over this state, Trump and Make America Great Again signs are everywhere. Some people still have Bernie signs up LOL that shows how much even some Democrats hate Hillary. I believe this November will be like none other, unless if the election gets rigged, of course. Interesting prediction and thoughts though.

  3. Georgia is very republican state and that's because of the racists in the south and up in Atlanta is where the African Americans and most democrats so I do believe if the Atlanta tour out is enough I think she can pull it off?

    Oh and I don't know if you're going to answer this but what party do you support and I love these videos I find them very interesting. How often will they be?

  4. I do agree Hillary will win, however the margin seems a little optimistic. Florida, still a little sketchy, I don't see Georgia going blue, due to President Obama not being able to win it in 2008. Arizona if she goes all out in that state i could see it turn. North Carolina I could see going blue and have for a while, however its hard to predict. Other than that everything i agree with it. Oh and Iowa i believe will go red.

  5. Wow! You and I have the exact same prediction. Arizona is a bit sketchy at the moment and South Carolina may be in play for Clinton. Mark my words she will win >350 electoral votes regardless. Keep it up.

  6. When this guy only uses the completely biased polls lmao.. The media owns all the polls and purposely slant them all because they are deathly afraid of Trump exposing their lying asses. Look into the numbers of democrats versus republicans being polled in these polls you're using, then look at how they're asking households for the youngest person in the household. The polls are absolutely useless to look at, you'd be more accurate guessing the election by going to each state and seeing the amount of trump supporters there are out there versus hillary bots.

  7. thanks for the brutal truth…as it stands now. Seems like Trump &co. spent an epic amount of time, sweat and energy in this monumental process, while Hillary Rotten just walks up to the White house without having done nothing. Don't worry, God has a plan. Shit's going down on her watch.

  8. I think Trump can be a very bad and tough DICTATOR. It seems even his
    campaign crew including the managers fears Trumps so much that they
    cannot advice him. If Trump become the USA president he will do a lot of
    damage to USA country as whole because he will do things without taking
    into account anybody advice. He can be a one man leadership which can
    be very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very
    dangerous for America. He is NOT fit to be president of such a super
    power country. He has a big big big weakness to be a good president.
    This man will create more deeper problems to USA and the entire world.
    He can easily create another world war… He seems he love wars and bad
    things. He is not good and not fit to be USA president. He is a bad bet!

  9. 50 high profile national security Republicans came out today and said that they will not be voting for Trump, and that he is unfit to be Commander and Chief. This is unprecedented. A couple of GOP senators also said they will not vote for Trump. I just don't see how Trump turns this around. This will be a realignment election for a generation. A Clinton blowout will force the GOP to restructure itself and modernize.

  10. I apologize for having used the words "you're way off track" in my previous comment. I respect all opinions even when they're against mine. let alone I appreciate a person taking time and effort to share their thoughts with the public. I should've encouraged the author of the video. so lemme do it now: I totally appreciated watching your video. you're well grounded and we can see your effort in posting it.

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