2016 Presidential USA election prediction. Electoral map prediction, landslide??

A short video where I ramble about which candidate will win what state.

If you agree or disagree please leave your comments down below. What do you think the electoral college vote will be for the winning candidate.


  1. I was waiting for you to say, "I personally believe I will be the queen of England".  You Trumpkins are desperate and delusional.  Clinton is heading to a landslide.  Unless she starts speaking Russian and eating babies on TV, she's our next President.  These that you have red will definitely go to Clinton: NV, IA, MI, OH, PA, FL, VA and NC.  Even AZ is about 50/50 chance at this point.

  2. Well dude. On 10/10/16 this is the scoop.

    RealClearPolitics…….Clinton 84% chance of winning.
    FiveThirtyEight………..Clinton 82.8% chance of winning.

    NBC News/WSJ………..Clinton up 11 pts in a 4 WAY.
    Rasmussen……………….Clinton up 7 pts in a 4 WAY {she's never been up more than a +3 prior to this}

    Florida up +3.
    North Carolina +2
    Virginia +7 or +8
    Ohio {yes Ohio} +2 to +4
    Minnesota +7
    Wisconsin +8
    New Hampshire anywhere from +2 to +10
    Michigan +8
    Pennsylvania +11 in a couple recent polls
    Colorado +1 to as much as +10 {depending on the poll}
    Iowa "even"

    and in much of this polling the Trump Tape was only partially factored in…………………Good luck to all my Republican brethren. You're going to need it…………………………….got any really good leaks like maybe pictures of Clinton and Putin entering a Hotel together?

  3. I think you should update a new video… I understand your a libertarian so maybe this is biased. Michigan? I looked at the general polls he never lead Michigan, although Michigan is close Hillary has been winning consecutively. A republican hasn't won Pennsylvania since 1988 I doubt Donald trump will also polls confirm he isn't likely, she is likely to win roughly %76 percentage chance or so. Also it's not just Philadelphia and the suburbs but other parts of pa lean democratic. And I regret to inform you but trump just has no chance to win Virginia, if you would like me to explain why I will upload a video just for you. Virginia is now democratic unfortunately. Any other real swing state you mentioned is debatable.. Florida is def debatable.

  4. Trump won't win Pennsylvania. It hasn't gone red since 1988, and this year won't be any different. I haven't seen a single poll where Trump is up and Clinton is up by at least 5 points in most polls. Philadelphia is a huge city and is too black and/or white educated to vote for Trump.

    Tim Kaine is very popular in Virginia, and the large population in northern Virginia in the Washington DC suburbs has grown since the last election. Clinton has Virginia in the bag.

    I also doubt that Trump can win Michigan. Never seen a poll where he is even within 3 points. The blue collar unionism is large in this state, and unionist support Clinton. The state has been blue since 1984. The significant, although not huge black population will guarantee a Clinton victory.

    With PA, VA and MI Clinton wins the election.

  5. Nevada went Democrat the last 2 elections. I don't Trump will make it closer because he has business their but ultimately it was stay blue.

    I live in Michigan and I can promise you that Trump is not winning Michigan. We have too many black people and we have the largest Muslim population in the country. No Michigan was Bernie's first big win. Our economy has turned around. Plus we have a Republican Governor who has done a lot of bad things to my state Trump doesn't stand a chance in a general election here.

    Democrats won Ohio last time. I think they will again but it is too close to call.'

    Democrats have won Florida the last 2 elections and with the Latino population in Florida Trump isn't going to win Florida

    Democrats are winning Virginia.

    Democrats are winning Pennsylvania.

  6. Most of the pollsters are using the 2008/2012 models where the black vote was 14%. Fact is the black vote is normally only 7% and in 2014 was only 5%. I believe Trump will easily win Florida and Virginia because of this. The PC mainstream media doesn't believe in race unless it suits their agenda.

  7. I'm pretty sure that Clinton will win Florida. Obama won this state with 50.01% of the votes in 2012. 60% of hispanics voted for him. This year, the percentage of such a vote will be closer to the 65-75% range. In addition, Romney won the white vote by 24%, but Trump is not doing well with the white college educated vote, which is pretty strong in this state. Consequently, I would argue that the demographics are not in favor of Trump

  8. Whats with the sound at the start? I actually think he can win Colorado and turn Minnesota red, the polls are tight there. I also believe you got New Hampshire wrong. But perhaps you will change your mind. Yes I do think you underrated Trump, I think he will win a plus 100 landslide of college electoral votes.

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