2020 Election Night | Sherrod Brown vs Donald Trump

Please watch: “2020 Election Night | Mark Cuban Vs Donald Trump”


Can the Ohio Senator overcome Donald Trump in a general election?

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  1. you are underestimating demographic changes in NC and GA , look how quickly VA turned blue, also if Brown hasnt locked up CO and NV before midnight theres no fucking way he gets more EV's than Clinton

  2. Even with Ohio being the home state of the Democrat, there's no way Trump would lose Ohio, yet still carry Pennsylvania and Michigan. If Brown is winning Ohio, he's carrying other rust belt states with it.

  3. Dude you greatly underestimate how the vast majority of the people in the U.S. don't like or trust the Don the Con. If the were possible to a special presidential election this year, with trump approval ratings, he would lose

  4. I just wanted to give you a few things to take into account when making the Trump vs. Bullock prediction video. First off, Bullock has a successful job creation record in Montana. He's provided tax cuts for all businesses in the state, created the Main Street Montana Project, which allows private sector business leaders to develop business plans for the state, and lowered unemployment from 5.6% when he took office down to 3.8% as of April of this year. And a new report shows that the RAISE Act, an immigration plan released by Trump and Sens. Tom Cotton (R-AR) and David Perdue (R-GA), will cost the U.S. 4.6 million jobs by 2040, so Trump's support amongst working-class voters could be put in real jeopardy, helping Bullock in working-class states that Trump barely won, such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Not just that, but it could give him a boost in states with significant minority populations that Trump won, such as Arizona and Florida:

    Another helping factor for Bullock in Florida is his successful Medicaid expansion in Montana. The state legislature, which is 2/3 GOP, passed a Medicaid expansion bill following a meeting Bullock went to at a community hospital, in which it was acknowledged that many did not have insurance. This, among potentially other factors than I don't really know about, lowered Montana's uninsured rate from 20% to 7%, according to Bullock. This could really win over the senior citizens in Florida.

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