A Trump Supporter Tried To Terrorize The Press With A Swastika And Got The Swastika Wrong

A supporter at a Trump rally tried to threaten the press with a swastika and drew the swastika wrong.

Jim Acosta of CNN tweeted this from the press pen at a Trump rally:

The genius Trump supporter who drew this got the swastika wrong. They drew a Z with a Z that looks like it is taking a nap laying across it. That’s not a swastika.

The point of attempting to intimidate the press with Nazi imagery is chilling, but also confusing. Was the person who drew this calling the press Nazis, or warning that Nazis are coming for the media? For a campaign that gets outraged when the word Nazi is used to describe the candidate and his supporters, it is self-incriminating for swastikas to be showing up at Trump rallies.

Donald Trump is believed by neo-Nazis, but the attempt at a threat was so sad and pathetic that it was almost funny.

Trump and his supporters have reached the point where even when they try to intimidate the press with vile imagery, they can’t even get that right.

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