Sub for more: |Paris Swade for Liberty Writers reports, The Second presidential debate was a lively night. There was plenty of bickering. There were plenty of zingers and Hillary Clinton got nothing but softballs and Trump won the second debate in a landslide!

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  1. if everyone voted for trump,are we sure that'll mean that hes gonna be president? say the election itself has a "mystery man". How would we, the unknowingly trusting people of America's bystanders, know we haven't been had? i wouldn't be surprised at this point…:/

  2. Trump crushed Hillary Clinton, and he will do it again in the next debate. Hillary Clinton should be in prison at the least. Better yet the Clintons and Obama should have to leave the country and live in Iraq or Iran.

  3. We'll see how the third and probably decisive debate goes. Chris Wallace is a life long Democrat and Fox isn't what it used to be, but they certainly can't be worse the Lester Holt and CIA Anderson Cooper. Hillary will come out blazing, but Trump already knows this. The new Wikileaks should make it easier for Trump to put her on the defensive, assuming there's no collusion between HRC and Wallace.

  4. Time to completely and totally boycott and abandon CNN and All of these radical liberal pro-Hillary mainstream media news outlets immediately and once and for all because of their bias and dishonesty.

  5. They lie to us even though we all saw it with our own eyes and heard it with our own ears and they expect us to believe it. CNN and the MSM are a joke, anyone who believes it is a moron. It's too bad they cram this shit down everybody's throat.

  6. Doesnt matter who won….both are awful, the worst shit ever…and then I insult shit. What is your problem?? Vote Jill Stein!!! ….even you americans say Hitlary and the trumpet are awful….but I havent heard anything bad about Jill….so ???

  7. I participated in some of these polls. Right after I voted for Trump, they showed what his percentage was and all of them blew Hillary out of the water. I was also surprised that Time had Trump at 98% or something like that.

  8. Obviously, Trump won the debate. He totally mopped the floor with Hillary. Even though Hillary gets the debate questions in advance she still can't make a good argument for herself, and still gets all the facts wrong. Hillary is a complete moron!!!

  9. This man clearly supports Trump seeing that he is lying for him… most scientific polls are in hillary favor, inaccurate and unscientific polls are all trumps i agree. Dont believe me? CNN for hillary, Washington post for hillary, politico for hillary, NBC for hillary, business insider for hillary, and for you know it… Hillary! Now i hate hillary more than most things and she is one of the last people that should be president… that being said, Trump is the last person thst should be president right down there next to hitler! The mans policies will destroy America startimg with the muslim ban which will cause an extremly large amount of people to join isis after being shunned by America. Right now Trump says isis is 30,000 people… his presidency with s muslim ban may increase that number to 30,000,000… that is million over night! We cannot handle that! I dont want either one in the white house, they sre both embarrassments to this great country and i love how the news says that it is clesr that the American people hate these two candidates……….. How the hell did they get elected!!! Niether lf them should have been and i know hillary cheated to win and stole the election from bernie and Trump fed off the hatred and fear of the country like hitler did to get here. Bottom line, niether are fit to be president, hillary before trump every day of the week, anyone who does not even believe that there is a serious environmental issue is truly incompetent and needs to go bsck to grade school. I think trump did way better this debate but i think hillsry slightly won and with his whole republican party leaving him, this race is over. Trump is done Thank God! Would take an apocalyptic miracle for trump for him to win. Now we just hsve to endure 4 yesrs of hillary… God help us no matter what…

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