America’s Election 2016: Immigrant Iowa

The Iowa caucuses are the first major contest in the race for the American presidency. In the weeks leading up to caucus night, candidates descend on the state to shake hands, kiss babies, and woo supporters. While the caucuses don’t always signal which candidates will go on to win their party’s nomination, they do set the tone for the race going forward. And in this election cycle, the immigration rhetoric in Iowa has been uniquely harsh.

The number of Latinos in Iowa has doubled in the last decade, but they’re not just flocking to Des Moines and other urban centers. Immigration has radically transformed the state’s rural heartland, which was once lily-white. Fueled by the meatpacking industry’s demand for cheap labor, small towns like Storm Lake now have schools with student bodies that are 82 percent non-white.

With Republican candidates calling for ramped-up deportations and closed borders, young undocumented activist Kenia Calderon has made it her mission to include immigrant rights in the political conversation.

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  1. every couple of decades, someone gets into office and starts scrambling and relocating everyone around,forcing people from their lands, stealing resources and then complain about the problems of immigration??wtf,,when they are the cause of it all.

  2. I think wat trump is saying that if America does not stop illegal imagration America will drown its self in poverty so u have to regulate imagration and stop the flood before we all drown their is a LEGAL WAY to do it yes their looking for a better life but the US CITIZEN'S SHOULD HAVE IT FIRST.

  3. Wow this shows clearly what the result of destabilising and financially crippling poor countries. People leave and go to where the wealth and resources were spent. Guess where western countries. Maybe this capitalism is not sustainable?

  4. Immigration is not easy, my family came legally with skills, language, education and some money still was hard for my family….My mother said if she will do it again, she would not recommend this to anybody…I dont know what these people are thinking crossing borders with theirs families NUTS

  5. I am gonna say roughly 15% of the males will suffer through school to prison pipeline as they grow up…. That's the only way you extract cheap labor and milk the excess of illegal immigrants for their entire worth…
    I feel so sorry future generations…. No seriously… False technological optimism aside you can't sustain a system in which there is no possible compromise between opposing forces that compose a spectrum. These Mexican kids are going to grow up deprived of basic needs that are taken for granted by legal Americans. These kids are going to be HUNGRY… Hungry people COMPETE for resources… They don't share… They COMPETE… Such competition in a public and free education setting is a recipe for disaster..
    Learn to control the flux of human traffic…. It isn't fucking hard… and ffs stop teaching kids garbage that is completely unrelated to their specialty.
    A car mechanic has no need for information related to efficient lamb farming techniques in fucking Newzealand.
    Kids nowadays don't need PHDs lecturing them about their theoretical research endeavors. Give the average something realistic and tangible. The Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and some South Asians are very good with such stratification… American education system needs a leaf from the Chinese play book given such excessive body count in their primary education systems.
    Remember when human beings are deprived of their basic needs they take part in short sighted selfish behaviors.Human resourcefulness and intellect go down the drain once the hunger pangs kick in… O and don't forget the thirst for water and oxygen (You realize what a luxury these 2 are once your body suffers through deprivation).
    These kids are hungry…

  6. whole time I havr navajo and shawnee blood. Native americans where here before white men so they should be the last to talk about stuff like this and deportaion. honestly, killing for the land that they said they fought for is a useless. You didn't fight for the land you killed many inoccent people for land.

  7. My Great grandfather came to America from Germany, My opinion is if your born in America your one lucky person, legal is legal if you break the law simple, you pay, so let all those born here stay if they ask to! it's thier birthright! otherwise file/apply pay and wait your turn!

  8. 1. "I grew up calling myself an Illegal and calling my parents illegals. That made me believe that we were criminals." – That's because you and your family are illegal criminals honey. When you openly break the law ANY law you become a criminal. It is not a right to be here in our country it is a Privilege granted to you by an immigration process and laws.

    2. "For me being undocumented means belonging to a community of 11 million of my brothers and sisters who are hard working and contributing to this country so much" – Being undocumented does not remove your Illegal Criminal status. You belong to a community of 11 million illegal criminal brothers and sisters that do not have the right to be here. Not to be mean but that is the fact. You may be hard working, you may mean well. The fact is your family and 11 million others are breaking our laws. You are hurting us more than you are contributing overall. You are just as bad as any other criminal category. A criminal is a criminal. We have laws for a purpose. I have to follow our laws too. You have no right to be able to break our laws while we have to follow them in our own country… Your hard working people are STEALING jobs from our hard working people. Your people are causing us debt. Your people are taking advantage of getting free healthcare and free education. Those things are not free that comes from our tax dollars. Your people when they steal jobs take money from our economy and send it home. Your 11 million brothers and sisters are also a mixture of all different kinds of people including harmful criminals. The reason you are here is the same reason millions of Murderers, MS16 Gang Members, Rapists, Thieves, Sex Traffickers, Sexual Predators, Violent and Sick people are also coming here with you. That reason is why there is a flood of drugs like cocaine, heroin and Marijuana coming across our borders and being sold on our streets to our people and children and then the money being taken again out of our country and to your corrupt Government and Drug Cartels. We have nothing against people like yourself. But in order to stop all of the bad coming in illegally we have to stop even the good people like you and your family as well. We have to put up a wall and stop ALL of it. We have to actually follow our system or there is no system and we do not have a country. Our people are suffering as well. We have a limit on immigrants that can be let in to protect us from to many people coming in and negatively affecting our economy. We don't have enough jobs for 11 Million illegals. We don't even have enough jobs for our own people. We can't afford to lose money to another country due to their economic problems. Mexico is not our responsibility. Is the 11 illegal aliens the blame for our economic woes no not all of it, But YES it is one of the many parts of our debt and job problems. More of our problem is our Tax and Trade policies but we have to eliminate all of our debt causing problems not just one or two. We are 19 Trillion in debt. We have to start making the cuts and restoring our country and paying off our debt.

    3. "It's a label that means hardship but also hard work." We had to go through hardship and hard work to make America what it is today. You need to take that Hardship and hard work and make your own country great or follow our laws to be here. There is no other way. Just because you changed the name of the label does not give you any more right to illegally be here. You are still an illegal and still a criminal no matter what pretty words you want to call it. Go back home and come back legally. If you have to wait in line… Sorry there are many millions ALL OVER THE WORLD that want to be here but do not have the advantage of walking across a wide open border. They have thousands of miles of ocean. Don't be selfish. You are cute and wish you were a citizen. But sorry not so sorry. We have to start doing what is right for this country before there is no country and we end up just like corrupt mexico. Poor and not free with no opportunity.

  9. The majority of those elementary students were most likely born in the U.S. and It's their parents or older brother and sisters that are undocumented immigrants. Great! Representative Steven King you want to label the parents of those children criminals and send them back. Subsequently, that will break up millions of families. Great Republican values! Seriously, let's bring a better solution to fix the immigration problem the U.S. I'm tired of many representatives even considering to break up millions of families. It demeans actual American values that are fundamental to our nation. Let's fix it now and stop putting it off!

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