America’s Election 2016: Trump Carolina

Donald Trump is projected to win the South Carolina primary by an even greater margin than he won New Hampshire, but to guarantee victory he’ll need to woo voters in South Carolina’s Upstate region, which has the highest voter turnout in the state.

Trump’s rhetoric about free trade and protectionism has resonated with voters across the US, and it’s free trade that’s blamed for decimating many once-prosperous local economies in the Upstate region of South Carolina, leaving people, feeling ignored and angry.

VICE News travels to the Upstate region of South Carolina to find out why Trump is a favorite with voters.

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  1. Republican Party provides America with a facisim draped in the American flag hidden by republican promoting patriotic slogans , false pro American values and decades of abuse of generations of ignorance unknown built from the majority of Americans isolated by Americas lack of political development , America post ww2 became a superior force in almost every significant areas including the far greater capabilties possed by only America was the greatest beyond all others, the America changes from previously American spending peace time with wide ranging political matters and Americas domestic governance and continuous growth with concentrated efforts workers motivated by the funds that combined with the workforce efforts brilliantly , Americas wealth rapidly building consistently resulted in Americans having access to funds for new buildings , American businesses operating as s good profitable company was made into a massive higher increasing output a larger expansion financially investments development enhancing benefits of the established American an initial role of America the world super power major worlds strongest weapinary powerful military , advanced new technology and that collectively America supremely wealthy , worlds superpower took with most Americans content to remain in America whose lack of desire to become knowledgable worldly unable to develop a worldly view existing in western leading democracies enriching the mostly viewing the world from the view of America . This causing unique views or knowledge from leading modem democracies aggressive hatred wrong understanding of socialist innovations misplaced fear of all social policies warped communisim o

  2. Both Hillary and Trump is a fucking insult to the intelligence of the world. Non of them posses simple human decency. I hope the American people rises against them once they've been raped hard and long enough..

  3. You cannot assume or guess where jobs are going, when you mention went to Brazil , please do your research first, factories and jobs are being closed there too… This is all fault of a globalisation started by US in first place

  4. To my fellow Americans. As a country,we have got to once again Flex our muscle and show the rest of the world why we are a super power nation. We are Americans. There is no other country like her, and everyone wants to be an American, everyone wants to live in the U.S.A. and at the very same time, all other countries hate America. Odd isn't it? Well I say, Deport all non American citizens, Close our borders, begin Educating as many people that we can free of charge. stop buying from other countries and once again become self sufficient. non dependant. We are Americans people, We are what the rest of the world wants to be. let's make it happen.

  5. Why is it that we, as a proud people, as Americans… Victors of numerous world wars, living in these modern times, UN-able to comprehend the FACT that neither CHINA, nor MEXICO have stolen anything even close to, "all the jobs" here in America today? The fleecing of the American Dream, was a conscious decision, made specifically by wealthy American men, faced with the choice of either making money, or making ALL the money! Shear GREED! Disconnect from reality- absolute self absorption, coupled w/bribe money for all of the criminals which form our Senate &handcraft the laws which within we live & die by, are why CHINA & TAIWAN get the worlds grunt work. The American public has not ever been presented with anything close to truth, or even A plausible reality to formulate– OMfuckingG!! The size of this skid mark, on the pair of tighty-whitey's that are America we know & live in right NOW… Is.. It's big. Big & shitty. It's time for us to wipe our own asses & stop blaming.

  6. What are these people talking about "people not having jobs"? Under Obama's administration, unemployment is down to 5%, which is almost considered full employment, and is the lowest its been IN YEARS. Last time a Republican was in the house, the economy went to shit.

  7. That Trump is currently in the position he is in, does unfortunately not say much for the intelligence of the average American I am sorry to say, and it justifies why most people in this world does not trust Americans anymore.Yes, they did a great job for Europeans during the second world war, for which I am still grateful, but Trump?, seriously?You guys need your heads examined.The unfortunate thing is that I am not the only one of this opinionI hope American's wake up, because if Trump becomes president, you will be the laughing stock of the whole world.I mean seriously? just listen to him, and look at his expressionsWhat a fucking idiot

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