Assange: WikiLeaks to release all US election docs by Nov. 8

WikiLeaks will release documents on the US presidential elections before November 8, the group’s founder, Julian Assange, said in an eagerly anticipated address via videolink at the Volksbuhne Theater in Berlin to mark WikiLeaks’ 10th anniversary.



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  1. how about Trump pardons him and appoints him and wickileaks in charge of keeping the records straight. ..I like this idea…can you just imagine the ramifications. .no more blatant corruption hidden from the public. ..nice

  2. the entire electoral system is ..wrong….every legal vote should stand alone…add them up and the person who has the most votes…wins…that's simple. ..not brain surgery. .and ensures every citizen's vote gets to equally count…

  3. The whack jobs are crawling out of the woodwork for this one. Alex Jones acolytes and other retarded basement dwellers coming down on Assange because they think they can do so much better. Idiots. Assange and WikiLeaks aren't working for Trump, the GOP or legend in his own mind Alex Jones so STFU you stupid American fuckwits who confuse your fantasies and feverish dreams with facts. "I think Assange is a CIA/Mossad plant and has sex with space lizards!" Evidence? "No. but I just KNOW it's true!" GTFO assholes, learn how to shower and talk to girls. Virgin fucking basement dwelling neckbeards who don't do shit but bitch and whine and spit on people who put their lives and freedom on the line revealing the secrets of the globalist empire. The MSM never criticizes Hillary no matter what information about her dirty dealings is released…blame them and don't shoot the messenger. Fucking retards

  4. Thanks Wikileaks! I hope Assange can forgive these beguiled politicians. And keep up the good work 🙂 My husband likes the work he does! We are Christians. And Assanges work helps us to still be able to have a voice.

  5. I don't get why a lot of people here seem to get mad with Wikileaks. It's like they don't care about being sheeple, and they like being laughed at by the elites. Even saying some tin foil bullshit like Wikileaks being a controlled opposition. Which makes no sense. You people are so fucking pathetic.

  6. i dont get it, …. all this information is not supposed to be private information, i mean, is not reserved information? i mean, officially, at least.? why this woman is not being prosecuted or something? leaking info is not a crime?

  7. If Assange waits till the last minute He can get Trump into office and maybe get a pardon and re-open the investigation on Hillary. If he even has the damning evidence then that data is the only Bargaining chip he has at this point, he's a US felon. But maybe he doesn't even have anything who knows, we'll find soon though..

  8. Dunno if he's releasing them strategically… but he shouldn't wait too much.
    Maybe he doesn't want to let the Media or US government replicate with lies in time before the elections.

  9. he is just as corrupt as the people he is threatening to expose it is clearly some kind of extortion attempt or he would have already released everything he knows.

  10. This lady's quote " we believe our work is about informing the public and ensuring they have access to that information so they can understand the world around them; and that of course, includes their leaders. " Sarah Harrison

    I still have hope in wiki leaks

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