BREAKING NEWS: Steve Bannon OUT as White House chief strategist

President Trump has told senior aides that he has decided to remove Stephen K. Bannon, the embattled White House chief strategist who helped Mr. Trump win the 2016 election, according to two administration officials briefed on the discussion.

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  1. you called me a german crybaby and i answr this

    this is the first time, that i reanswer at YouTube
    first of all, to make it clear >>>
    I ADORE PRESIDENT TRUMP BECAUSE OF HIS CLEAR ANALYSES AND ACTIONS;  HE DOESNT HESITATE TO TAKE ACTION FOR THE USsecondly many of your fellow americans  are also concerned, about what happened to STEVE BANNON and what it may change in the ROUTE OF SUCESS of DONALD TRUMP for a BETTER WORLDi give nothing for our european leaders, they will surely destroy this proud CONTINENT OF EUROPE , with the MONEY OF SOROSits a pity , that you americans cant read all the negative shit , that our european mainstream media are telling  about your presidentbut after one night of reflection i am sure, that STEVE BANNON will help the MOVEMENT MAGA MORE AT BREITBARTs THAN IN THE WH

  2. 10's of millions of illegals coming across OUR border is immoral. Letting people in OUR country from countries who will kill you for just being American is immoral. Liberals who oppose common sense policies call US racist, phobe this and that. This makes them feel better because they in fact in deed are immoral. The reprobate means the inability to think logically. LIBERALS ARE REPROBATE. The scripture tells us that HEAVEN HAS GATES – HEAVEN HAS WALLS – HEAVEN HAS AN EXTREME VETTING PROCESS. DONALD J. TRUMP WAS CHOSEN TO MAKE AMERICA HEAD OF MATIONS – NOT THE RECTUM OF NATIONS. IF THAT MAKES ME A NATIONALIST – I'M IN!!

  3. I am one of the most die hard Trump supporters ProudDeplorable until I die, and I don't think this is a bad thing! I honestly believe Bannon would have been the Judas Iscariot of our movement if Trump had kept him on.

  4. I wonder if this is just part of a strategy to make those RINOS to open their legs a little bit wider in congress and pass some legislation , president Trump can keep talking to Bannon even if he is not in the WH , Bannon has a huge point regarding china and the democrats , something that I don't get its why he made that interview if he knew that it will costed him his job and why he did roll out his plans on putting new people on defense and treasury in that interview if he already knew that he was out of the job , Bannon is one of the most smart people on president Trump"s inner circle knows a lot about the media , I hope he will write a book or something I will buy it without hesitation

  5. we don't know what's really going on in that demon possessed black house, better known as the swamp…but, Trump is NOT cleaning out the swamp, if anything, he's just rearranging the swamp inhabitants!

  6. Bannon and spicer were people that trump was familiar with in terms of ideology and rhetoric. Trump has surrounded himself with generals who want to bring order to the white house, but Trump is a man of his own convictions and beliefs so this doesn't mean that Trump will listen to them so it's hard to say if this changes anything.

  7. His comment on BLM & ANTIFA were 100% right. Looking at that event and it's timeline objectively is the only way to honestly understand the events that unfolded that day. But how many people can curb their emotions before investigating the facts nowadays? Not many. So incidents like this will continue to be conflagrated and amplified through irrational emotions and presumptuous conclusions of the weak minded.

  8. Trump Explained, but so many never listen to Trump. He said, " Steve Bannon came Late" to the Trump entourage. Trump had already slain 17 Republican candidates (and insulted even more). The Alt-Right was added because Trump had sown such Bad Feelings among Mainstream Republicans. The Alt-Right MUST face facts: You are a small number of people. Perhaps less than 500,000. And because the Racists align themselves with the Alt-Right, you get to share their Label. You MUST Purge Vileness from your ranks, It does not properly belong to either Conservatism or Liberalism.

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