1. Tony Blair is up Americas ass, he should cease to exist in political terms. Fox News is the worst cancer to plague the media, saying that trumps wall and Brexit is the same thing is ridiculous! The U.K. Are leaving the EU because they are putting laws on EU countries that fit one model not an individual model for each country. The EU have invited counties that are simply not ready such as Greece that needed to get bailed out and turkey that don't culturally fit into a westernised way of life. The EU projects goal is to create the United States of Europe and its a sinking ship the UK have left to try and gain some power. Trump on the other hand is a fool, everyone in America is an immigrant except for Native Americans, we all need to unite instead of putting ideas and stereotypes onto a specific race or religion.

  2. The thing that will decide the US election in not so much Donald Trump or his policies, but ongoing revelations about Hillary, IMHO. The worst thing for trump would be for her to be indicted before losing the election. After is just fine…

  3. If you don't ask the 'CONSENT' of the people like Tony Blair didn't when he gave us 2 million eastern Europeans, people tend to be rather annoyed; and wait for revenge.
    23rd June; I love the smell of Liberal tears in the morning …….smells like Victory.

  4. British people (English and Welsh people) wanted full democracy back and our own levels on immigration. The economy will dip a while, but what price democracy? Don't let them tell you you're racist because you want to control it and bring into the country people you need. 17 million+ British people have just voted to leave a corrupt political union run in Brussels. We've had threats, been cajoled, project fear, even famous film stars pleading with us – they lost. Good luck to the people of Holland, Portugal, France etc. but tied to that union, you're doomed for the future. We'll stick with our real friends, the USA, Canada, Australia etc…………and Tony Blair – please fuck off.

  5. Not only am I voting for Trump for president, I'm voting against every incumbent until we get rid of all of the Rothschild Zionist & UN Globalists and they're replaced with officials that put America and Americans first and foremost.

  6. So we go with giving our social security benefits to immigrants as our baby boom population goes into retirement. What happens to the children of the boomers? We have been waiting for "our" chance to have room to grow, and this country lets in millions to displace our sovereignty through immigration and pandering to needs of foreigners.. Sad!

  7. tony blair is a cunt, a fucking traitor who forced the lisbon treaty, nearly bankrupted the nation and finally the cunt went war for wmd and then later admitted he expected to oil from it. these left cunts are scum dont trust them.

  8. I do know this, if the minions of the usurers try to steal the nomination from the Donald at the convention like I just read on Yahoo, The repercussions will make the French revolution look like a 60s love in.

  9. well done to all of us lets celebrate we can make our own future now. Most people are sick of being told what to do and politically correctness and the non-sense liberals. Our generation have no sense of identity with our own country it's very sad and the media well mostly liars and foreign descendant journalists who have no clue about British heritage. We are a strong country and we will be just fine. Richer and prouder while stopping foreigners coming in oh yes oh yes win win situation. Next one up is Boris in the UK and Trump in America. Boris and Trump brotherhood can't wait for the well-being of our countries and indeed the world

  10. Shqiperia tmerron Londren!!
    Londra ishte ne BE Shqiperia aplikon per ne BE por Londra largohet nga frika e aplikimit te Shqiperis per ne BE dhe Londra nga frika e Shqiperis shperben trojet e saj me referendumet anti BE,jam i gezuar po me besoni jam shum i gezuar.
    Londa percau shqiperin e coptoj ne vitet 17 dhjetor 1912-maj 1913.Por Londra coptoj veten e saj me referendumin per shkeputjen nga BE zoti ishte me ne zoti na i mori haken dhe Londren e ndeshkoj me doren e saj.
    Po u deshen 104 vite qe zoti ta shperbente Mbreterin e bashkuar vet nga populli i saj,jam i lumtur jam i gezuar jam i lumturuar per kete triumf qe zoti lart ne qell na i dhuroj.
    Koha iken e iken por iken edhe nuk harrohen vuajtjet e miliona shqipetarve nuk harrohen por sidomos shpirtrat e shqiptarve te vrar  ne trojet e tyre, sot ne 2016 ata do te ndihen ne paqe dhe ne lumturin e parajses.
    Uroj shum qe kete her radhen ta ket Gjermania dhe jam i sigurt qe gjermania do ta ket radhen dhe do te jet vendi i dyt qe do largohet nga BE dhe do jet vendi po i dyte qe do percaj trojet e saja po me referendume popullore.
    Nuk do ta harrome kurr qe gjatë copëtimit të parë, shqiptarët humbën zonat veriore të Toplicës, Pazarit të Ri, Nishit, Ulqinin dhe disa territore në jug të Çamërisë.
    U shkaterrofshin kalat e armiqeve nga brendesia e mureve te tyre erdhi koha qe te japin llogari perapa zotit per ato qe u kan ber shqipetarve me vite.
    Ndersa per Bashkimin europian kam nje urim te vecant,uroj qe shum shpejt yjet e lamurit te europes te shemben nga hajduteria dhe babezia e te 28 antarve te saj qe kan vrar me miliona jet njerzish ne te gjith ballkanin dhe qe kan vjedhur me miliona njerez ne te gjith europen me politikat e tyre prej hajduterie.
    Duke pir kafe nen efektin e kenaqesis se vetshkaterrimit tuaj historik………..

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