Brits vs Americans: US Elections jargon quiz – BBC News

As the race to become US president gathers pace, politicians and commentators are increasingly using certain terms and phrases.
But do people really understand what words such as caucus and ticket mean?
BBC News asked people in London to give their answers, and then tested New Yorkers on whether they could explain. Produced by Anna Bressanin and Jasmine Coleman

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  1. ❗️ BBC missed one…. When a Presidential candidate is assassinated, the wealthy top 1% call it ELECTIONEERING‼️ ( Bernie Sanders now has Secret Service protection but it hasn't stopped the bastards in the past ) ✔️

  2. 西方国家有两大造假骗子集团,一个是民主骗子集团,另一个是宗教骗子集团,这两大造假骗子集团一直遗祸人间,危害地球人生存权


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