CBC News Special: Clinton vs. Trump – The 2nd debate

Rosemary Barton hosts CBC special coverage of the town hall debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton at Washington University
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  1. Americans . YOU want to create WORLD WAR 3?- Vote Hillary Clinton. Your civil liberties will be forfeited, the wicked shall rule and U.S.A will be easy pickings for the wolves and war hawks circling right now.

    WANT to see criminal Hillary Clinton brought to justice and the country change its current political trajectory, VOTE DONALD TRUMP.


  2. Seeing Trump forget that the moderators had asked about emails the literal second after they had finished dealing with exactly that, and then having a full blown tantrum about it is terrifying. This guy cannot keep track of a basic conversation.

  3. i loved when Trump said "I'm gonna beat the hell out of ISIS" cuz that should boost the American morale. But then the typical liberal on the left will probably come out and say something like "WHOA WHOA WHOA! now, wait a minute Mr. Trump, that sounds like you're discriminating ISIS. They're people too!"…ONCE again… typical liberal logic..

  4. Sorry Donald, I've been through a few serious or life threatening surgeries/medical procedures and I've yet to travel to the States to get treated. Yes, our healthcare is slow, but I wouldn't trade it with what the States has.

  5. Wow. is Hillary really claiming Trump is paying Russia to hack into US Government files? After all the shady undertakings (including witness assassinations) she has been involved with? Unbelievable.

  6. Canada's health care is awesome… We only have a 12 billion $ debt. He's on glue. I get $100 worth of nicotine patches for free a month, and i and my gf will soon get an $80,000 treatment for free.

  7. The presenter questions in this and the last debate are so one-sided against Trump and for Clinton. And why is Martha Raddatz debating Trump? Is she running for office?

  8. Did he actually answer a single question? All I heard from the guy was lengthy repetitive sound-bite rambles and, of course, insults. Reciting your favourite jingle is not answering questions. Does he actually have any tangible plans?

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