Clinton vs. Trump: The first U.S. presidential debate on CBC News

The 1st U.S. presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton promises to be interesting. To see more U.S. election coverage:

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  1. Trump is so disrespectful, he never lets her talk and I feel that if he wins I will be sent back to my country because he wants to take almost every one out of America 😶😶😭😭😡

  2. ….bla bla bla bla bla bla bla…what a discusting show…two puppets of the rothshild clan…but, as we know, clinton is more bad than the other bad guy…discusting liars – just don*t vote, otherwise you are guilty, too.

  3. Can you imagine if someone upset Trump? We all wouldn't survive the nuclear bomb! He'd continue to physically abuse women!! Like he states he's "smart and avoids paying tax" – he'd make you slave whilst he spends you're money – Quote "I can do any thing I want"!!!

  4. Hillary is very good in these debates. Donald's speeches are better, but the mighty Hillary is a bit like Rocky; unbeatable in face-to-face debates. She beat Bernie in their debates, too.

  5. Moral greatness is never regulated by laws. Leadership is about being servant of the people – being selfless under all circumstances (weak laws, legal loopholes etc). Fact that Trump is a self-proclaimed billionaire and yet still went ahead to manipulate legal loopholes to accumulate "immoral wealth" in the face of the 45% poverty level he talks about in inner cities suggests he may not be the right leader the world needs.

  6. Accounting books! They tell the tale. But even then, they need to be cross referenced with the banks. Typically the millionaires are shareholders within large banks though, so …

  7. The housing crisis has since been fixed, but there are extremely rich persons trying to push out those that do not have the finances by increasing rental rates. Government needs to step in & create rental caps based on median income levels.

  8. As a non-American I really feel sorry for American future. With candidates in the form of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton your future looks as barren as ours is.
    I'm South African and we've got Jacob Zuma. Looks like the three of them could have been triplets!

  9. How has it come to this….
    has the world really sunk this low….
    This makes me more angry than anything else. Everyone is attempting to scapegoat other people. IT'S NOT THE MEXICAN MIGRANTS FAULT, NOR MUSLIMS, NOR ANY OTHER GROUP OF PEOPLE. Why can't people see a problem without immediately blaming someone. People need to check the facts before assuming. For instance, you cannot assume that most of your mass shootings are done by terrorists, because they are mostly done by Americans due to your shoddy gun laws. You cannot assume that all migrants are sucking out your money, because these are people, people coming from awful situations who want a better life. The amount of scapegoating, stigmatizing and explicit racism, sexism and offensive statements in this whole sorry affair has been disgusting.

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