Colombia's president extends ceasefire with rebels

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos is extending a ceasefire with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia in order to give more time for a peace deal rejected by voters, according to various reports.

Santos made the announcement about the extension with Colombia’s largest rebel groupĀ during a televised speech on Thursday, the Associated Press reported.

His announcement came after he met with students who are demanding that the ceasefire be implemented despite its failure at the polls. The ceasefire is now extended until Dec. 31, he said.

“One of the students reminded me, that in the army and in the guerrilla ranks, there are young people waiting to see what happens, hoping that they don’t need to fire another shot,” Reuters quoted Santos as saying. “For that reason, andĀ at the request of the students, I have taken the decision to extend the ceasefire until Dec. 31.”

The original ceasefire was launched in August and was nullified after the peace accord was rejected in a vote earlier this month, Reuters reported. It was due to expire Oct. 31.

Critics of the agreement say it is too lenient on Marxist rebels, according to Reuters.

On Friday, Santos was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts at ending the five-decade war.

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