CrossTalk on US election: Final Stretch

With less than a month to go, one of America’s nastiest political campaigns enters the final stretch. With both major candidates intensely unpopular with many in the electorate, is it a choice of the lesser evil?
CrossTalking with Michael Flanagan, George Szamuely, and Mac Zilber.

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  1. So Donald Trump's media man worked for Russia, got 10m dollars ey?

    How may times that sum of money has Hillary received from Saudi Arabai and Iran and Palestine and other state sponsors of terror again?

    I mean Saudi Arabai as it turns out was responsible for 9/11, and Hillary has taken over HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars from them for paid access to the white-house as SECRETARY and is now going to be PRESIDENT you want to act like a PRIVATE CITIZEN working in MEDIA for a CAMPAIGN who will be GONE once the election is over doing campaign work for Russia in the past is somehow worse?

    LOL you Democrats aren't playing with a full deck are you…. Who gives a shit about some media-man in the private sector really. And Hillary's chief of staff is a native of what state terrorist sponsor again? Seriously I forgot where Uma is from can you remind me?

    Should nobody ever be hired who has worked from another country now again? And you hypocrites talk about "xenophobia" … for fucks sake. It would be funny if your complete lack of self knowledge wasn't fucking things up for the rest of the entire world. Look up the phrase "disassociate personalty disorder," seek help before you wipe all life out on the planet in a nuclear fireball with your idiotic candidates please thanks.

  2. three trump dick riders and a hillary shill. the host is embarrassingly biased. so unprofessional.

    i wish we could get real news and not have to listen to both sides propaganda and try to piece together the truth. seeing all of these delusional trump nut huggers is hilarious though. 🙂

    back in reality, hillary has 260 electoral votes. trump needs a clean sweep of every open state. she has won. 🙁

    i fucking hate the retarded conservatives of today. how are you not able to beat the least trusted candidate maybe in the history of the planet??? all of these fools should be put down like the worthless pieces of shit they are.

  3. Flanagan is obviously a paid establishment shill, who lies to promote the status quo. Iran is not now, nor has it ever been, a threat to the imperialist U.S., or any other nation in a hundred years!

    Zionist, apartheid, murdering Israel and the radical, murdering Saudis are not "allies". they are paid attack dogs of the imperialist U.S.! Along with the U.S. poodles in NATO!!!

  4. Read  wikileaks  to  know about Hillary Clinton 's  position on poverty ,  big business  ,  labour  etc  .  She  is worse than  Republicans  apart from  being a  war monger

  5. Mac Zilber(man): Oy Vey! Saying U.S. is "one of the oldest 'democracies' in the history of the world?" I thought U.S. was born a democratic Republic my dear rabbi 'ttorney. What democracy? We have prostituted the term. Define it. BTW, have you ever heard of Ancient Greece? They had invented democracy. Read. Educate yourself. You say, "our" this; and "our" that… Our? Your allegiance is to U.S "ally" Israel not to U.S. Isn't it? Why doesn't U.S. take over Saudi Arabia who is the least democratic nation on Earth? Let U.S. bring democracy to those primitive oil-greased pedophile Saudis. Moreover, let Israel milk themselves, not us. We should stop all grants and help to Israel. The world crisis and problem is Israel, who created this shit in the Middle East and shoved discord into the region; now stepping away, silent, letting all the fools fight against each other, as always in the history of human kind. Guess what, when shit will hit the fan, Israel will be the first to disappear from the Palestinian map, you ugly turd degenerated countryless fuck.
    Peter, why don't you guys say what the real world problem is? Afraid you will be branded "Anti Semites? Then let us remain enslaved to Israeli money masters; the world banksters our children serve and die for. These parasites suck the blood of humanity, both morally and physically. They finance every war ever they invented their own god who selected them(selves) as most favored. By their rules we must die like the goy (slave-beasts) that we are. Right Mr. Zilberman? Come on; bring it on, you Zionist lackey. A war with Russia will be the near extinction of this uncivilized, idiotic, egocentric world…. 🤓

  6. American  Intelligence  also  said  that there was  WMD in Iraq  and  showed  the  evidence in UN Council  .   The  same  American intelligence  said  that Osama did it  based on his videos  and  killed him , buried  him in the sea, so nobody  will ever  know  anything .   America  today is  Soviet Union of before -blame  every dissent  on USA

  7. Hillary gave  uranium  to Russia  and also received  funding from  Russian  donors  .  Hilary Clinton's  campaign is  just trying to  distract  the  people  from the Wikileaks  and put the blame  on Russia

  8. BUSTED smear by democratic strategist lol 8:07 Zilber ''well the US has come out in recent days and said that they are RELATIVELY CONFIDENT (subjective opinion evidence) that these hacks are the meddling of Russian officials to try to sway American elections'' 8:33 (ZILBER goes over to FACT)It's clear that the reason that hackers in Russia are trying to hack the Democratic National Committee's emails recently. 8:49 Peter protests gogogo Peter!! ''No one knows who hacked Podestra's email!!''

  9. American citizens must choose their president from smear Y/T or smear X/C …100% CHILDISH!!! USA elections are not about professionalism. Citizens cannot even choose their president based on serious economic, social, foreign plans etc.. btw same for EU. Stupidly US still think they are a superpower on all grounds….

  10. If I were a smart polititian, I would have people monitoring ALL news media. It is ignorant NOT to. It is why I myself, listen to RT. Perspective. And for this Democrat to say the Liberal side of Politicians don't monitor Sputnik is deception. WHO DOES HE think we are? Stupid? Not! America SHOULD be striving for a good relationship with Russia and all other governments who support us. Iran, Saudi, Qatar, Yemen etc ALL want the destruction of America and the West. Iran prays "death to America" every Friday prayers.

  11. I get it. The strategy of most under developed countries is to play both ends between the middle. If US does not give us what we want we will be nice to Russia. If Russia does not give us what we want we will be nice to US. So this countries are playing this game. That most countries do not like Trump so for Russia Trump would be more of an advantage in this game. Its kind of like a separated marriage. The kids want to live with the parent that let them get away with the most. That's why Russia want Trump . The figure that the Arab world would want to do business with them. I get it.

  12. "Jewish lobby is allowed to pour money into elections but Russian even if it did is not allowed to expose hillary's ILLEGAL emails." Quoted from below

  13. Mac Zilber , You are not telling the truth . Clinton Foundation/Kazakstan/Uranium One. The speaking Fees pay-to-play etc. etc. it's all searchable you fool. And the Red-baiting is in full force w/ the Obama/Clinton/Establishment Republican Neo-cons ! It's EVERYWHERE in the MSM and "Alt" media of these shills . You think people haven't at least SEEN this ? Then you're crazy .

  14. Finally a show where Peter lets the idiot say their piece. Might be the first time I see him do this. Usually he shouts down those who he believes to be lying or to be just spewing their propaganda.
    You have to let everybody speak. If someone wants to use their time on the program to only recite memorized bullshit, that should be their choice. The audience can see for themselves if they're being lied to. So, good on Cross Talk for this. Let the idiots speak. It's part of free speech and bullshit is harmless if you just let it run its course.

  15. USA is the evil in this earth
    and no matter who will win in this elections All Americans are supporting terrorists ISIS AlQADA
    we see the Hunger in the world because of USA . War and fight because USA . USA people's wants to tell you how do you live and how you select your foods . animals are much better than Americans

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