Cuban concerns over US election race – BBC News

One year ago, the United States reopened its embassy in Cuba, a huge step towards normalising a long-broken relationship.
Since then, there have been more diplomatic breakthroughs, including the easing of travel restrictions and a visit to the island by President Obama.
But there are concerns that a Trump or Clinton presidency could halt the thaw in relations, as Will Grant reports.

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  1. This report didn't really give us any information that we didn't already know, but fair play to the reporter for managing to get a free holiday to Havana courtesy of the BBC. A fantastic city

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  3. So
    * Trump is saying: I supported the Cuban Embargo before but now getting rid of the embargo is fine. However, I think we could have made a better deal.
    * Clinton is saying: I supported lifting the Cuban Embargo, I support normal relations and just ignore whatever the last Clinton did earlier.

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