Donald Trump Leads Hillary Clinton In General Election Polls

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  1. America is blind to the corruption with crooked Hillary Clinton and capital hill and that's on both sides republicans and demarcates ,why do you think so many republicans will not support Donald trump, if you think the government is corrupt vote for Donald trump,

  2. You can bet your secular, liberal ass if he wins its going to be a wild few years. We are going to watch our country be restored from the liberal cess pool of dependency and and lawlessness to a free market, democratic republic of law and order. How could anyone vote for that crooked demon? Watch the documentary "clinton cash" right here on youtube. If that doesnt wake you up you're not qualified to vote.

  3. Read up on a guy called Helmut Norpoth and his election predictions which have predicted the last 5 elections correctly. Hillary is a lying pig and if you could vote for this election rigging crook, you should have your voting card revoked.

  4. The fact that all the worst republicans are now supporting the democrats gives you more of a clue. Those with mentail agility survive. Those that worship dogma are trapped. If you are good you will see good regardless of badges and lables. Hillary commits crime after crime and criminals allow it….thats the basis for totslitarianism….you must make the right choice.

  5. If you listen to yourself speak back then I think you will agree you hate hillary more than trump. All the words and logic are there you just need to emotionally divorce yoursekf from your childhood and start thinking logically again. Trump was a democrat for many years if that helps and will make the repubkican party into the old democrat party before bill clinton.

  6. Not now, you TRUMP dick suckers!!! BWHAHAHAHHHAHAHAH!!!! As of today, Hillary's lead is 8 points and she aint even started yet. Every time Trump opens his big fat ass mouth he slips another point.

  7. it won't be a cakewalk for clinton, but what people ignore every 4 years till the very end is that it's all about the electoral map and the history of each state. and right now it doesn't look easy for trump either

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