Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton, Second Presidential Debate 2016 [Full & HD ]

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10/9/16 Donald Trump debate Hillary Clinton 2016

the second presidential debate 2016 Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
10 9 16

david icke interview 2016 || donald trump truth & Hillary Clinton & Obama – illuminati – anonymous – More

Yesterday – today – Live – Rally – Full event – Live Stream –
Presidential Debate – Analysis
WATCH LIVE – new episodes 2016 – opening statement –
Hillary Clinton Speech
Donald Trump Speech
Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton
President Obama Speech
Hillary Clinton Speech
Hillary Clinton Rally
Hillary Clinton Rally Speech Live Event
Donald Trump Speech
Donald Trump Rally
Donald Trump Rally Speech Live Event
Presidential Debate
Trump Clinton Debate
Second Presidential Debate 2016
the second presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will face off again
Washington University
second presidential debate on Sunday, Oct. 9.
Clinton is set to debate Trump,
Watch Live Second Presidential Debate

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Presidential Candidates Debate
Presidential Debate
Trump Clinton Debate
The 2nd Presidential Debate
Second Presidential Debate 2016
FULL Second Presidential Debate: Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton 10/09/2016 – St. Louis, MO
Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton – Second Presidential Debate – St. Louis, MO (10/9/16)
the second presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
When is the second presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump: Television and online streaming info
Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will face off again
9 to 10:30 p.m
Washington University
St. Louis, according
second presidential debate on Sunday, Oct. 9.


  1. Hillary is so weak, I am Portuguese and I dont have to do with USA, but 1 thing I say, any of them will let us people down. But hillary? Hillary is a lier and she takes advantage of everything the media posts in her favor against Trump without any merit, but Trump is a redeemed man and he seem genuine while he tries to defend himself. You can't judge a man that is so transparent as he is and take everything he says seriously. I dont think any of them fit the job but please, dont elect the feminazi Hillary. She is a fake and a lier… Trump is new in politics and says something he shouldn't bu as a man I dont think he has done nothing wrong in the last months

  2. If you put asside their personal lives and media gossips, and do the fact check, YOU WILL SEE THAT ALMOST EVERYTHING TRUMP SAYS IS INCORRECT. A few examples:
    2. Trump: "We have the worst revival of economy since the Great Depression". HOWEVER, THE UNEMPLOYMENT RATE HAS FALLEN FROM 10% TO 5% SINCE THE RECESSION
    3. Trump constantly saying that je opposed the invason of Iraq. HOWEVER, IN AN INTERVIEW FROM 2002, HE SAID THAT HE WAS FOR THE INVASION OF IRAQ.
    4. Trump claiming that Clinton has no plan (economy). HOWEVER, SHE HAS AN ENTIRE BOOK DETAILING HER PLANS AVAILABLE TO PUBLIC
    5. Trump bragging that his tax cuts will be the biggest since Regan. HOWEVER, HIS TAXCUTS WOULD INVOLVE ONLY THE TOP 1% (Whereas Clintons tax cuts would involve the middle and low income people, while she would INCREASE the tax for the top 1%)
    6. Trump tweeted: "The concept of global warming was created by and fot the Chinese in order to make US manufacturing non-competitive. HOWEVER, HE DENIES THAT HE WROTE THIS UNBELIEVABLY IGNORANT STATEMENT (I WOULD RATHER BELIEVE MY OWN EYES)
    Although I am not a fan of Clinton, it appears that everything she said during the debates is CORRECT

  3. Hillary the poison little elf,neither of these two are trust worthy but if hillary gets in then i guess world war 3 isnt far away,we all know she hates everything about russia,the furture dosnt look to good at minute..

    And these claims against mr trump are they true??? seems weird they only just coming out now to say all trhis…

    Hilary is like a dog with a bone over what Donald said,he has said it was wrong and locker room talk,dosnt make it right i accept but i find it hard to listen to hilary when her husband who was president and lied about his relations with women to america via tele,then got found guilty lol and what did hilary do,rubbish the womens claims then go on the attack,where is monica when you need her,bet she could spill some beans on hilary…

  4. You have an extremely corrupt system in America, the media is so biased for Hilary, I've never seen anything like it. So they don't have a problem with Hilary who if she was any normal person would be in jail and her husband who has sexual assaulted young girls. I ask you, would you like those two criminals living in the White House over a guy who uses occasional bad language? Come on America ! 😂

  5. anderson cooper.. cnn shame. on your moderating. no wonder u get such a shitty president. come on usa.. world is laughing at you and cnns sub standard moderation of your most important debate. cnn is worse than british bullshit corporation

  6. Better get a grip USA and get Trump in or you are looking at the same old shit . Who gives a crap about chit chat.. Clinton got a BJ under the table and what did happen to that 15 billion that clintons got for Haiti . Poor people look like only 50p has been spent out of that 15 billion

  7. Ok the bottom line is someone does not have the experience and its obvious who that is because he has never worked for any part of U.S. government or the people of the U.S, I also don't trust him. Hillary I don't trust period and I for one will not vote in the first woman president that has a ton of obvious luggage. Honestly not sure how either of them got this far.

  8. The election machine will be rigged for Hillary even if there is a landslide for Trump. I believe Trump is winning by miles. His rallies are 60k plus. Hillary is less than 1k people each and every time. The media never ever shows this.

  9. To summarize: it is a well-known fact that those people who must want to rule
    people are, ipso facto, those least suited to do it. To summarize the summary:
    anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account
    be allowed to do the job

  10. the media is doing a very poor job of course they are all working for hillary … why are you asking questions about corporations taking business to china and india and so on ??? why aren't u asking about poor life of americans going so low since a very long time …… u avoid real issues and argue about stupidity ..

  11. Women were not allowed to vote until 1920 and now, 96 years later, we have a woman who's president of the most powerful nation on earth. There are many people still alive who have witnessed this amazing feat.

  12. Trump = Best Shot at Genuinely Making a Difference
    Hillary = End of USA
    Nuff Said
    Be smart America and dont fall for her shit.
    I'm Irish and have been watching religiously since the Primaries, Trump has heart, Hillary is nothing but a rotting vile piece of shit, the same as WJ Clinton

  13. Children watch and listen to what is being telecast/broadcast – who's to blame for them hearing this 11 year old comment? It's the media that is bringing these comments to the ears of the kids. This is just sensationalism by the media and it is the media who should be held responsible. 98% of adults (males and females) in America have made sexist comments in private at some stage of their lives. So if Trump is so wrong (just because it was taped) then these 98% are equally guilty.

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