Election Night 1972 ABC News Coverage

From Tuesday November 6th, 1972 ABC News Coverage of Election Night 1972. President Richard M. Nixon was re-elected as the 37th President of the United States by over 18 million votes over Democrat, Senator George McGovern

Republican: President, Richard M. Nixon (520 Electoral Votes)

Democrat: South Dakota Senator George McGovern (18 Electoral Votes)

– Coverage runs from 7.00 P.M E.T – 11.44 P.M E.T

– Nixon is declared the winner @1:51:51 into the video


  1. No dark clouds on the horizon, oh how little did they know…oh how little did they know.

    I find it more interesting that Reagan won Term 2 in half an hour, but got way less of the popular vote overall, while Nixon has all these margins called in bigger numbers, but took to the halfway to make it.

    Also, lots of Trump vibes on John Schmitz, complete a%^wipe, but completely correct about the country being off to ruin, if for the wrong reasons.

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