FULL VIDEO: Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton – 2nd Presidential Debate

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton debate in a town hall setting during the second presidential debate of the 2016 election. Trump and Clinton allow questions from the town hall audience at Washington University in St. Louis, MO.

Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper acted as moderators during the debate.


  1. apart from the weird leftard british media , many people in the U.K support trump,in fact most of the working class in the u.k back a real america, not hillary and her corperate friends

  2. It's crazy you Trump lovers say Hilary Clinton is a liar when 80% of what Donald Trump says is bullcrap. His fact are taken out of Facebook and Tweeter. WTF??? You are just stupid and deplorables haha.

  3. We'd only get four more years of Barack Obama if: A. she is elected and B. we have a primarily republican congress who refuse to do the  job they are elected for.

  4. Trump sounds like a broken record at the beginning

    Trump: "We're going to put borders around America. We're gonna make America great again. We're gonna make America safe again. We're gonna destroy ISIS. We're gonna make America great again. Not only great but safe again. Make America great again"

  5. anderson cooper was biased as f*ck. clearly. donald was shook and had to resort to fact checking because he had nothing else to talk about. ha. hillary was on point with most of her answers but she could have been less obvious in her indifference to idiot trump, but I cant condemn her for the eye rolling and the head shaking. hillary was simply more prepared than donald trump was. that should tell you something (she actually served as senator so..). also, wtf was up with that fat sunburned bald guy?

    anyway, this whole debate was a joke like something off of family guy. very unprofessional. i was entertained but disappointed because the hosts didnt give donald a fair chance to properly redeem his past indiscretions.

  6. Russian and Syrian agression? Wonder if Hillary believes in the crap she is saying. Trump is definitely not a great candidate, but he is a million times better then Hillary…

  7. pessoal talvez possa estar totalmente enganada, mas acredito que trump além de não ser Illuminat, é evangélico( protestante) e fala tudo na cara, não é falso como 100% da mídia e impostores que tentam dominar o mundo, vejo nele um nacionalista de marca maior, a vitoria dele seria ótima para BAS (Brasil d'America do Sul) pois a moeda dos Estados Unidos iria desvalorizar por aqui, barateando os importados. é apenas o que acredito, não faço ADM, apenas por gostar. :)

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