Gary Johnson and Jill Stein: Will third party candidates decide US election? BBC News

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are among the most unpopular presidential nominees in US history. Both are distrusted and disliked by large sections of the electorate. That’s why many voters – around 10% in recent polls – say they will choose a third candidate instead in November.
The BBC’s Rajini Vaidyanathan has more on the politicians from outside the two main parties and whether they could decide who wins the White House.
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  1. Don't believe the polls…the main media donates money to the two party system. They're like 3 peas in a pod…all of the same. It's time to wake up people! We do not need them anymore. Our progress sucks in most areas…I've seen enough! Green Party/Jill stein for me.

  2. Voters who vote for a third party candidate based on their convictions ARE NOT throwing their vote away OR siphoning votes away from a candidate or Party that isn't worthy of their vote. People who vote for a corrupt, lying, fraud just to prevent the other corrupt, lying,fraud from being elected ARE throwing not only their votes, but any hope for real improvement away. BBC sucks.

  3. I wish it would be mandatory that all parties should get the same funds. Make it illegal to donate to a party and use taxes to give all or most parties the same divided funds. Thats what I call democracy!

  4. also the polls show both third party and fourth party candidates take equally from both main party candidates so fear not on that front. that is just what happens when you give them a choice.

  5. taking support you didn't earn is the biggest lie of this poltical system. do not allow your vote to be extorted from live not in fear be brave and do what is right even if it is hard. only then will you get what you voted for.

  6. Johnson will take away more of Trump's share of conservative voters than Stein will with Clinton's slice of the liberal—and esp. centrist—electorate. And given his abysmal numbers with minorities and women, he just doesn't have enough votes. If FiveThirtyEight and The New York Times keep reporting these surefire probability rates for Clinton; if Trump keeps digging himself in a hole and dragging the G.O.P. down with him; and if Clinton and the Democrats manage to best Trump and the Republicans in grassroots organizing, then the election is already decided, folks:

    Hillary Rodham Clinton will become the 45th President of the United States.

  7. Interesting how american media does not talk about those two. If you go on any street in the US and ask them who Johnson or stein is they wouldn't know. Sad to see a media in a supposed free country does not keep it's people informed.

  8. That Hillary Clinton is even a candidate is an abomination. Johnson's Anti-Minimum wage, Pro-Gun, nut case, Libertarian (tea & fruitcakes) Party is just ridiculous. That leaves a choice between Trump, who at least proved he can satisfy his customers & no doubt his wife (unlike Bill Clinton who allegedly only got as far as satisfying himself) or Jill Stien with her "Power to the People Plan" Green Party

  9. Even though I agree with Jill Stein more overall, I am rooting for Gary Johnson to pick up enough steam to actually pose a winning threat (ex: the debates). I'm sorry, but Jill is not on the ballot in a decent amount of states, that alone is enough to make me go for Johnson instead.

  10. You limeys crack me up. I understand you think our two party system is out dated or simplistic but really your Monarchy is the outdated one. In America, we have the freedom to vote and not have to worry about the candidate being thrown out midway because he or she might disagree with the Party (I'm talking about Margaret Thatcher you wankers). Hillary has an event maybe a few hundred show up, Bernie Rallys would number in the thousands but if Trump shows his face at a McDonalds then you'll get tens of thousands. What your not realizing is no one wants Hillary and No one wanted Bush either so Trump was our default. Conservatives were denied Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012, and after the GOP tried to force another Rhino, the country rebelled. You have the youth still trying desperately to find a worth while candidate in Bernie Sanders but he proved himself to be another Belt Way Politician with his stepping aside and making a deal with Hillary. The coverage of this election is a joke. If you want a clear perspective, you have to be here, feet on the ground to understand. This is so Dynamic that we can not under estimate any moves by either side even after November. Just today, Obummer implied that he would not turn over control to a President Trump and not one journalist say "Really?" Even the Singapore Ambassador was speechless.

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