1. "A senior 'unnamed' US intelligence official has told the Washington Post Russia's activity is something we're looking very closely at. Although no definitive proof of tampering has been found, even the hint of something impacting the security of our election system would be of significant concern."

    Read that again.

  2. Democrats and One World Order people are using this phony plot by Russians to blame a massive loss to TRUMP which WILL happen. Clinton will blame anything on her loss. Like coughing attacks to avoid the press.

  3. I would love the see the soft cock Obama in a boxing ring with Putin. Any lie to take attention away from what she has done by shooting the messager. Just produce the evidence instead of the usual lies.

  4. And heres the bull shit happening over here. Vladimir Putin could have been the cause of the bull shit. But, the DNC showing special favor to Hilary Clinton as revealed by the bull shit. By rigging the election. Doesn't matter in this bull shit case.

  5. Obama and Comey are using this to violate the Constitution and use the FBI or Homeland Security to steal the election by "rigging" the State voting computers. Putin would help the Sec of State that approved the sale of 20% of the USA uranium supply to Russia for a big contribution to the Clinton Foundation. FOX use your brains!

  6. The Democraps are bringing back Cold War rhetoric in order to blame Russia for Hillary's WikiLeaks published e-mails (which show collusion to help Hillary defeat Sanders in the Primaries).  Now, the FBI says it has "strong evidence" to prove the hack was performed by the Russian State — but we haven't seen that proof, where is the proof?

  7. You have got to be joking!!! This is horse shit!! You ought to be ashamed of yourself, the cupcake on capital hill is a bumbling idiot!! You prop him up like a king, YOUR FULL OF SHIT! I hope you lose the rest of your viewers

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