Hacked email shows Tim Cook, Bill Gates suggested as VP choices for Clinton

The last presidential debate on Wednesday could be an opportunity for Donald Trump to boost his flagging poll numbers.

It’s not just Republicans who saw the allure of elevating a prominent business leader to the executive branch in 2016. A leaked email from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, released by the group WikiLeaks on Tuesday, shows that her team mentioned the names of Tim Cook, Bill Gates, Melinda Gates and Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, in the early stages of her running mate selection process.

In a March email, campaign chairman John Podesta told Clinton that the vetting process for her running mate had started and he offered a rough list of possible options.

The list was sent March 17, just two days after the March 15 primaries where Clinton swept all five states, though Missouri remained too close to call until the 17th. 

“Ok, I can breathe again! Congrats on a fabulous night. I am feeling like it’s possible to get back to the longer term again,” Podesta said before launching into the selection process for her running mate.

Here’s the list of possibilities Podesta sent Clinton:

Xavier Becerra

Julian Castro

Eric Garcetti

Tom Perez

Ken Salazar

Tammy Baldwin

Kirsten Gillibrand

Amy Klobuchar

Claire McCaskill

Jeanne Shaheen

Debbie Stabenow

Elizabeth Warren

Michael Bennet

Sherrod Brown

Martin Heinrich

Tim Kaine

Terry McAuliffe

Chris Murphy

Tom Vilsack

Steve Benjamin

Cory Booker

Andrew Gillum

Eric Holder

Deval Patrick

Kasim Reed

Anthony Foxx

John Allen

Bill McRaven

Mike Mullen

Mary Barra

Michael Bloomberg

Ursula Burns

Tim Cook

Bill Gates

Melinda Gates

Muhtar Kent

Judith Rodin

Howard Schultz

Bernie Sanders


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