Hillary Clinton / Donald Trump 2nd Presidential Debate (Streamed live 10.10.2016)

Trump says Hillary Clinton would be in jail if he were in charge of the justice system, promising to hire a special prosecutor to “look into her situation” if he’s elected president.

Speaking at the second presidential debate on Sunday, Clinton said it was “awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the laws in this country.”


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  1. The bias in this debate is so glaring,anytime there's applaud for Trump,they'd remember the audience not to clap but some how forget to pass the same warning when it comes to Clinton .CNN assholes always have there shit canned for the public.

  2. I wasted 23 minutes of my life listening to how they are going to assimilate new burgeoning democracies by telling them how the "process works". Then everyone clapped the yellow press media woman as she came on with that bloke – and then she said nobody can cheer and for silence from the peons.

  3. Haaaa while you all are feeling important over this debate and all the other drama we've already moved another seven steps ahead of you. I know it's not your fault being funnelled into this also being your choices to eat different colours of shit. It is still shit and it is being eaten. It's not your fault and we do feel for you. If you are eating this your going to love our dessert. Bon appetite!

  4. Having been told of the depths of depravity to which she has sunk and will sink in the future, having seen what she has done to women and young girls; knowing as you do what she did to Haiti, and a thousand other crimes too numerous to list here, if you vote for Hillary, you are an accomplice, an accessory After the Fact. That is. Felony, and you are, in truth a criminal. A felon

  5. Democrats and rinos have shit to fix the minority problems fucking cuntvhillary is am slim convert plant to help bring America down to its knees news media should be in an prison for propaganda

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