In the 2016 US Presidential election, Hillary Clinton now leads Donald Trump by about 6%, which is a fairly strong lead considering most presidents tend to be elected with a lead of less than 5%. But let’s take a look at some of the numbers behind the numbers.

Favourability is one of the more interesting factors in this election cycle. In favorability polls, respondents are asked about whether they have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of a given candidate. In other words: do you like them or not?

Donald Trump’s favourability is terrible. 39 favourable to 59.8 unfavourable. He’s 20.8% more unfavourable than favourable. People hate this guy.

Hillary Clinton does a bit better, but it’s still not great. 42.4% favourable to 55.8 unfavourable. So she’s 13.4% more unfavourable. And her unfavourability seems to be on the rise.

Now one of these two people will almost certainly be the next president of the united states, which means that the US is about to have a very unpopular president either way.

But some in the mainstream media don’t seem to think this is a problem. In an article for the Washington Post, Alan Abramowitz and John Sides acknowledge the unusually high unfavourables but conclude that it’s just people being passionate about their own candidate, and cherry pick data from a single poll to support their argument.

So let’s talk about this. Are the high unfavourable a problem or not? Why do people hate the candidates so much? And to Abramowitz and Sides, I really must ask:

What’s Wrong With You?



  1. Since I am not Caucasian, I can not ever support anything Trump does or tries to become. He is a racist bigot that would set back the United States of America back to the Early 1960s. He might as well have his campaign headquarters in Selma, Alabama.

  2. stay focused ppl !! dont be decieved by the media !!! their trying to make you forget all about what hillary has done !! by going after trump !! dont be nieve !!! his poll numbers are higher the what they saying!! they lying to us !!! and obama is lying to us again !!! that was ransome money !!! ti iran !!!

  3. Does any human being in their right mind believe these polls? I don't. Never would. Especially from LIBERALLY (DEMOCRAT) BIASED NEWS NETWORKS WHO SAY 10+ FOR HILLARY AND 10- FOR TRUMP. Common sense goes a long way people. Bias!

  4. The funny thing that people seem to over look, Yes I agree that Clinton has some issues. The very things people accuse her of Trump has also done. He has switched his positions several times depending on who he talks to. He does his more often, At least Clinton switches enough time has passed where she can say I'm not the same person I was back then I see things a bit differently now. I have even switched my position from time to time as I have grown older and as I have received more information. For example, when I was younger I was pro-life. Now even though I do believe the baby is a baby from the moment It's conceived, I'm pro-choice but I choose life. In other-words, I now view it as my belief my opinion and I don't have the right to enforce that onto others. Besides that many of these pro-lifers believe in war, so how can you be pro-life.

    Anyway, Trump has changed his view based on who he's talking too, but when he really gets going and his true nature comes out, it's obvious he's endorses violence. Fact checkers have a field day with him, most of what he says is in the big liar liar to pants on fire lies. People believe his lies because they want to. A Trump supporter has even told me himself that the reason he believes Trump is because he wants to. I asked him if he fact checks he said no, he didn't need to because he wants to believe Trump. I let him know I do fact check and told him the facts that I found but he didn't care.

    Bottom line, On both sides they could have picked a better candidate that's true, Hillary gets my vote for these reasons, not just that she's more experienced, but also that she has done more for america then Trump, everything Trump has done he done for himself. Yes she's has done some (not so ethical things) I will admit. But when it comes to ethics still she has way more than Trump. Trump has shown himself to be a misogynistic, how any woman could vote for him I don't know. He has shown himself to be prejudice How any minority could vote for him I don't know. He has shown himself to be incompetent, how anyone could vote for him I don't know. He has shown himself to be dishonest, he didn't pay his migrant workers he claimed he didn't hire, he raped his wife, he sexually harassed the woman in the beauty pageant he owned. All in all shows no real concerned about the American People. We can deal with Clinton's faults. The thought of a hateful violent war monger like Trump becoming President scares the crap out of me.

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  6. One word: Benghazi Second word: Emails Third word : Lies… Tons and tons of lies.Even famous Anonymous hackers try to take her down with Emails.
    Sentence: Life's a B*tch don't vote for one.

  7. One thing obvious is that the main stream media has lost it's credibility. As much Trump bashing as they have done over the last "how many months" he still managed to win the Republican nomination. Who will be our next President? Are there enough disgruntled Americans to vote for change? Do they want a President that will tare into the Washington establishment and use common sense ideas to better this Country? Or will he be judged on his lack of political correctness and his every word be demonized. We have an aging society and the older people tend to be the ones who vote. Older people tend not to want change. What happened to the Woodstock generation? Are they now a bunch of stiff suites counting their money? If the election was held today I believe Hillary would win. But the Washington establishment would be wise not to forget the messages brought to them from Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders because the American people are watching.

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  9. From an Aussie point of view.. Do you stay with the same old puppets that are about the Job and the status, OR do you take the plunge and vote Trump in and possibly have your only chance at seeing what a business man can do to make YOUR country GREAT again. If you give up this one chance, guess what, nothing will change. If I lived there I would vote him in – Why? because I am a risk taker. Yes it's a gamble, but the alternative is more of the same or worse. Your choice America, BE GREAT AGAIN!

  10. Trump and Clinton are puppets of the same broken system. Democrats and Republicans are wings of the same bird. Americans are still stimulated about the elections. "SHUT HIM UP! HE MUST NOT TELL OTHERS" The whole system is broken. You can't fix the broken system by voting. STOP VOTING!

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