Karl Rove breaks down the election 2016 scorecard

Former George W. Bush Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove weighs in on the presidential polls leading up to the November election.


  1. Hillary and the Clinton foundation have hurt Haiti and the American people who gave for the Cause. The Clintons kept 90% or more of the money raised and the people in Haiti are very angry at the Clintons.

  2. Karl Rove: The conservative operative who, using his superpac, funnels vast amounts of dark money from oligarchs into the campaigns of republican politicians who show their gratitude by giving tax breaks and corporate subsidies to the plutocrats they're indebted to.

  3. This is classic propaganda! The real polls conducted by independents puts Trump at 38.3% Hitlary at 18.7% Gary Johnson at 12% and Jill Stein at 30.8% Jill Stein will be on the debates so when the American people hear what she has to say and find out what her policies are she will win by a landslide. jill2016.com

  4. It doesn't matter if Hillary is BAD!… just like people wanted a BLACK President, they now want a WOMAN President, after Hillary they'll want a MUSLIM President, then they'll want Russia or China, to run the country. Quite predictable.

  5. Hillary has to buy her supporters and Mainstream Media photoshops her rallies to make it look like she has a crowd? and everywhere Trump goes its standing room only with many that have to wait in line, and Hillary is in the lead?????? Yea Right

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