Making Sense of Super Tuesday’s Results – U.S. Presidential Election, 2016 (Pt. 13)

Is Bernie Sanders doomed!? A bunch of states vote today, which is a bit overwhelming… but don’t worry! I have procured a “Silver cipher” to help us make sense of tonight’s results.

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Bernie Sanders raises more than $40 million in February (USA Today)

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  1. I can't understand why anyone gives a shit about who is gonna be
    the next President. Its not like the people have one thing to do
    with the outcome. I love how the media pump us up with the
    bullshit vote count, who won a State or shined at a Debate. You
    and I Have nothing to do with who becomes president unless you
    are one of the 538 people that make up the electoral college. They
    decide who becomes president, Its that way for a reason and not the
    bullshit reason they feed us. Lets just say things will never change,
    the corruption , the lies, the bullshit taxes, unless we do away with
    this voting system. A Puppet president in office cares more
    about what he is being told to do ,when he should be the one doing the
    telling. A government of the people by the people, if you believe that
    Im sure you have bought a bridge and some swamp land.
    End Corruption —- do away with the electoral vote.
    tell the man to go to hell when he says the people
    do not know how to make the best decision.
    What the man is really saying is " Its not in his best interest
    if we chose the president, because we might chose one that
    is a real American that can't be bought and will never go
    along with all the Banker Jew bullshit. Bullshit like 9-11 or
    the 2008 meltdown.

  2. Really, that's your health care and you do that with your County Seat in Port Huron, a.k.a. Porn Urine, and I suppose that now you want to degrade me to your level.   Why would you pay 9 million dollars for a mathematical Axiom when you can play "hide the pony" and feed the people with you Van Der Sloot story.   Perhaps you should steal the wedding, you could make money that way right?   Why not crap out my husbands kid and raise it to the hacked up corpses and the ass porn, isn't that worth more money than a mathematical Axiom?

  3. Of course the election is RIGGED and Trump will be republicun representative and Hillary will win presidency. Its all just a show to fool people and the world that USA is a democracy. Democracy is only a political excuse to invade foreign countries. USA relies on sales of weapons to the west. This is why they so focussed on technology. They let. Christianity be the dominant religion to use it to control the people. Religions are organized political weapons.

  4. I am an Arab American would be divided our About 51 countries I'm sorry the people of America's beloved, but de planned real Zionist despicable I am an Egyptian officer sad for the American people

  5. Trump and Clinton are going to win there parties nomination outright, sorry to tell you fascist Ted Cruz who could give Pinocchio a run for his money, both in the creepy life like lurch for legitimacy, and his many lying and conniving ways. I myself would be voting for Bernie in the primaries but enough about me it will all be revealed in my upcoming autobiography. And enough about Hillary Clinton we all knew her time, and we knew it for the last couple election cycles. What is interesting is what will happen in Ohio, will the Republicans gently concede their nomination to Donald Trump, hell no, and despite what you see on the surface, there is going to be one big Of the GOP convention there is going to be massacre and even if Trump should make it out there is going to be some butt hurt. Now if Hillary Clinton wins presidency there is going to be ……… Gridlock in Washington- que jazz hands- suspenseful. which I predict no matter who wins the general election there is going to be one weak executive branch, sorry heil Donald Trump. And it happen before no big deal. But the tale of how healthy are democracy is going forward will not be told in our gridlocked executive, or legislative branches. The tale we be told in our judicial system, which was conceived for just these moments, I mean our system of laws the checks and balances we've set up that can be gridlocked no problem. But our courts have to be effeciant and a record number of vacancies on the appelette and circuit courts, a minor problem, but a Supreme Court that has an even rather an odd number of judges, now that's trouble, that is banana republic kangaroo court all in one convenient clusterfuck. Which is why it is imparitive that Obama fills the vacany. I know the fascist mob will be upset they will say that I Anton Scollias seat, but guess what he ain't comming back and short of a seance with the founding fathers Originalism is a stupid, dumbass half baked scheme and worse it makes an idolatry of our past.

  6. Complete circus. The US is a massive joke. It is a corporatocracy with every idiot on the street believing they have an actual say. Nothing could be further from the truth.

  7. I used to really think you were intelligent Dan Brown. I'm sorry to say but you debunked that idea. Why would you think a socialist would be a good president? Now I know you're as insane as the rest of them. Although, Trump is pretty freaking stupid too (So we get socialists and facists in the same race?) At this point I don't care who gets elected. We're all going to be suffering no matter who gets elected. The Republicans are just the lesser of two evils. It doesn't make any sense that we still have the same parties in office when they used to change every 20 years before.

  8. My 2016 prediction is either it's gonna be Bernie vs Trump and Bernie wins, or it'll be Hilary vs Trump and I see it being a very tight race, but I see Hilary winning. Great video Dan, keep up the great work.

  9. The outsider looking in, I am a classical liberal Canadian and with everything when America catches a cold we start sneezing , so we care, thanks big brother! Here is my Two Cents as I have no dog in the fight, I could be wrong as I am not as arrogant as Hillary supporters who have already called the general election sorry for the length of this in advance! Democrates are flirting with disaster with Hillary anyone notice she is weak In the north and strong in the south, how many southern states do the dems win in general elections?, unlike America where the media has been corrupted there still credible and disturbing reports on Hillary's personal life, from spousal abuse to intimidating sexual assault witness against Bill, etc, this has yet to rear its ugly head and will most likely in the general debates.  Hillary's speeches with wall street, Citibank etc are rumored to be explosive anyone remember Romney in the last election?,also just to add to the few out of many negatives I have mentioned there are FBI charges, need I say more, She may have a golden horseshoe up her butt to avoid all of her negatives , but this is a disaster in my view in the making as dems stay home or vote Trump , republicans sweep the country not just the presidential election!

  10. People who say they will vote for Drumpf if Sanders loses have no political ideals, should not talk about politics. Because they have proven they do not care about politics.
    That's like saying "If I can't vote for the Black Panthers, I'll vote for the KKK!" Yes, that is how stupid you sound to the rest of the world.

  11. Keep supporting Bernie everyone! This is the MOST important time to work your tail off to get Bernie's name out there! We can do it!! Please donate at but the MOST important thing that we can do is spread the word. I was talking to a friend who went to vote, and voted for Hillary simply because he didn't even know who Bernie was! We've gotta be the media that won't properly represent Bernie! It's not gonna be easy, but please do your best to spread his message! Remember to sign up and vote! 🙂 #FeeltheBern

  12. African Americans who vote for Hillary are Uncle and Aunt Toms. What a slap in the face against a man who has strong credentials as an equal rights activist for his entire life, even getting himself arrested for his activism.

    What has Hillary done? Pretend she stands for #Blacklivesmatter, while on the take for Wall Street? What a joke.

  13. Every time I see a new political video from you I will try to remember to share you on Facebook. Only just discovered your channel a few weeks ago. Love your commentary.

    Do you watch The Young Turks?

  14. Hey hey Dan, I just watched this vid and then clicked off and then was like ' hold up, go back and say this.' I'm not much of a commenter [sic?] but I've been subscribed for donkeys years and loved your stuff way back when and then stopped watching you for quite a while then discovered this at Xmas and I just wanted to say you are probably making my favourite thing on Youtube right now. I probably get more excited for one of your episodes that Good Wife and that's saying something. So yeah, I wanted to share the love – your analysis and commentary is so interesting and imaginative. I find your nuanced way of looking at issues – with a clear bias but a willingness to explore the issue beyond said bias, so refreshing. Way to go Dan.

  15. I'm still holding on to the Clinton/Drumpf conspiracy theory that they've been colluding this whole time to make Hillary the President. Drumpf makes Republicans look (accurately) completely un-electable and America has no choice but to vote for Clinton and her same-as-before-but-a-woman-this-time regime.
    But I could be wrong.

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