Nandyala by election fever grips AP – News Watch – TV9

Nandyala by election fever grips AP – News Watch

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  1. National media saithamm… State level Party chiefs ni…leaders ni…. respect ga…pilustharu….Idhendhi ra YSR Garini.. JAGAN garini…. ekavachanam tho… pilusthundhi….idhentha dani bathukentha…..Pacha jaathi gottalaki frustration tho sasthunnaru😆

  2. Without support..TDP can't get even deposits in any election. Now they are "begging" BJP (without flags) support for Nandyal. If Muslim voters see BJP flags.. they won't get deposit in Nandyal. This is CBN "drama" to cheat Muslims voters. To get power he is ready to do ANYTHING

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