New 2016 poll looks at battleground states

In the latest Battleground Tracker poll, Clinton widens her lead over Trump in key states. CBS News elections director Anthony Salvanto and former RNC spokesman Kevin Sheridan joins CBSN to discuss the latest numbers and candidate strategies.


  1. this weak cry baby trump is gonna get hammered come november lol. he's the biggest fraudulent con artist the world has ever seen what a loser. always playing the victim and never takes any responsibillity for the things he says or does. its always somebody elses fault or the media or hillary or president Obama. he's pathetic u dont want a super thin skinned little cry baby for president do u?

  2. Elect Trump and let's fight AGAIN. For those angry Whites, you think going back to the 1960's is fun, you're not giving your children a bright future. America is becoming so diverse and you're either with us or fight us. Your choice.

  3. He is not a 'strong man'; He is a lying whingeing man baby. He will say and do anything to swindle the US out of its democracy and its checks on power. America is finished as a power if this buffoon gets the presidency. Wake up America!! Do NOT elect this huckster; you WILL regret it (as will we all)

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