New battleground polls shakeup presidential race

Analyzing the state of the Trump and Clinton campaigns on ‘The O’Reilly Factor’


  1. To all you ignorant Trump supporters!!! Keep on dreaming that Trump is wining in the polls. Trump is really loosing in the polls. Hillary Clinton pretty much wins Trump in all of the states. Now, we are waiting for the swing states to decide rather if Trump or Clinton becomes the next president of the U.S.

  2. Legal immigrants with citizenship, African-Americans and Hispanics are welcomed to vote for Donald Trump.

    Hello, I am a Latino that is going to vote for Donald Trump. They fired me and 40 other people. In this group there was legal immigrants and Latino citizens. They paid us $14 per hour. They replaced us with illegal immigrants and paid them $8 per hours. Do you think that is fair? Think of when other latinos that will graduate and cannot find jobs.

  3. i bet if the rigged election gets hillary elected she will get assassinated real quick or the US will be in civil war
    OH AND LETS NOT FORGET if civil happens one of the first places to be destroyed will be FOX NEWS

  4. If Hillary is not even good enough for Bill, she's not good enough for America. Peoples front lawns, & the internet tell a different story. The majority clearly wants Trump, even here in ct, a 65% dem state… Most ppl young do not want Hillary, & if you are in the they both suck boat, @ least Trump is entertaining.

  5. When Hillary opens her mouth she will drop. Why do you think she has t completed a press conference in over 250 days? She has to lie about lying to cover her lies.

  6. I had to give this video a thumbs up because I love it when they say Donald Trump is behind at the polls.. This way it motivates people to get out and vote for Donald Trump on election night.. If they were saying he was ahead and going to win by a landslide, I don't think as many people would get out to vote for him.. Keep up the good work FOXNews..

  7. Fox u r LIARS! Trump is waaay ahead of the Sleazebag…and your phony poll numbers won't give votes to Walking Dead Hillary!!! Media whores like u r doomed. The public wants the truth.

  8. polls,polls,polls,you can make a poll say what you want it to say,why all this poll hype .how many people did you poll a thousand,i doubt it.
    did poll a thousand voters,There are 10.7 million more eligible voters today,that is not a very goo sample ,your poll sucks,the fact that FOX along with the liberal net works are trying to drive the 24 hr news cycle with polls could be funny,except these butt heads think we are buying this so called poll bs,come on man .

    run don run

  9. It baffles me how anyone could vote for someone like Hillary after all these scandals, damming evidence, crooked past with her family, the fact that the DNC worked hand in hand with her against Bernie Sanders. I mean yes Trump has said some questionable things but hasn't done anything scandalous during his campaign it's amazing how anyone could back a corrupt politician like her.

  10. He should not of had to of asked the woman to take the crying baby out of the room while he was speaking. That woman should of taken the baby out herself. Shit it was probably a Hillary supporter in the first place. And one with respect would of gotten up and walked out until the baby was taken care of and stopped crying. Baby's cry because they are in need of something. So fine out what that is, don't just set there and look stupid and interrupt everyone else who is trying to hear what is going on.

  11. He's insulted the conservative princess, Megyn Kelly, he's insulted their establishment politicians, he has made their foreign policy hawks nervous, and he's made the Wall Street class nervous – because they hate uncertainty.

    Religious voters are also, finally, starting to find it harder and harder to defend him. All that's left are the nutters.

  12. Hillary admitted yesterday she is raising taxes on the middle class. With Trump you keep money. with Hillary you lose lots of it. And she also said something about using energy, which means more taxes.

    They are trying to steal the election from Trump since Trump has been telling people that the election will be rigged against him (which makes it harder to rig the election since people will be alert)

  14. We don't believe your bullshit polls, you're just trying to make the steal look righteous when the votes are pooled & skewed in Jeb Bush's Florida before sent to Spain for SCYTL to "count".

  15. This election is going to be decided by young kids that are easily swayed by the totally biased liberal MSM that is making up lies and deceptions against Trump. His core support has not changed their minds and Hillary is so corrupt and a liar that the people supporting her are mentally ill or without morals or integrity.

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