Newt Gingrich on why polls are tightening in the 2016 race

On ‘Hannity,’ former House speaker talks about the countdown to Election Day


  1. Contrary to expectations Hillary rose to the occasion in the first debate by NOT having a seizure. She showed her supporters she can actually walk from the plane to the stage without passing out, which is pretty important for President. Next debates aren't going to be easy for Trump…

  2. It's time to clean house and rid the country of corruption, lies, scandals, incompetence, divisiveness, and lawlessness of the Obama administration, and start all over with a clean slate. 
    Lose the election already, Crooked Hillary.

  3. The race is most definitely not as close as people think it is. I just took that little Newsmax survey/election poll that pops up in the corner of the screen. If you notice, most of the polls reported by the media do a sampling of about 1,000 people. Being an online poll the Newsmax poll doesn't stop at a specific number of people. It just keeps going until they finally close the pole. So far when I took about an hour ago, the survey had polled around 10,000 people. I even took a screen shot of it. Wish I could actually post the screen shot here. It shows Trump absolutely CRUSHING Clinton. From a survey of about 10,000 people at the time I'd taken it, 8,042 people were in favor of Trump, and only 1,058 in favor of Clinton. Trump has 82% support, while Clinton only has 12% support. The rest were divided between Johnson and Stein. So don't buy what the mainstream media is selling, because Trump is actually destroying Clinton.

  4. Hillary is the better option, PERIOD. They should stop comparing Bill and Trump. Bill Clinton was fit for office and Trump isn't. I am an American and I would rather vote Green than vote Trump because at least they don't say stupid stuff every other week.

  5. Can anyone give Newt's mathematical degree with major in probability. I think not !!! He lies as Trump Lies and say polls do not exist !!! All Republicans lie saying all other persuasions do not exist !! My my the earth does not exist !!! LOL. 📝📝📝📝📖📖📚📚📚😎😎😎😎😎😎

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