Outnumbered 9/5/16 Full: Election Day Countdown, Election Fraud Opinion Polls, Trump vs Clinton

Outnumbered 9/5/16 full episode: Election day countdown, Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton campaigns, Election Fraud opinion polls, Majority of voters think an I.D. should be required to cast a ballot, “Negative Wealth survey of American households with more debt than assets, the 2016 presidential race is ruining friendships.

Fox News – Outnumbered – September 5, 2016 – Full Episode


  1. All hail Queen Hillary or be added to the giant Clinton death list!

    The fix is in just ask Bernie. When he won a state he still lost! Bernie rolled over for the Queens approval just like a beat dog! Bernie turned out to be a spineless jellyfish and we are better off without him!!!!!!

    All hail the Queen or be added to her list!!!!!

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