Picking a US president: 5 ways to predict the winner of 2016 election – BBC News

The US presidential election looks set to be a showdown between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and the parlour game of picking a winner is kicking off worldwide. Opinion polls this election season have been notoriously off the mark, with many underestimating the rise of Donald Trump, and the enduring appeal of Bernie Sanders’ message, especially among the country’s youth.
But there are other ways we can try and predict the outcome, as Rajini Vaidyanathan finds out.
Video by Olivia Lace-Evans

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  1. i m not that much educated person but i can see clearly that amercan next president will be Hillary Clinton it is decided by the powerfull people who run the country she will be the president for next 8 years mark my words and the time is comming that their will be a president from every race that live in america

  2. Why is CNN now advertising the first Clinton/Trump presidential debate like
    it is a HBO Boxing special, monster truck rally, or an action packed
    summer popcorn blockbuster movie trailer. The commercial sounds like
    bullet sound effects, disturbing/eerie music soundtrack, dark/emotional
    camera pans of their faces, and Don LaFontaine saying "In a world of 2
    choices, one is a woman the other a sexist, one is a lair while the
    other is a lair, one has a secret physical illness the other has a very
    public mental illness, one has black voters wondering the other wonders
    if the current black president is even an american, one wants healthcare
    for all the other wants to hit and murder and torture people and use
    nuclear weapons… watch the candidates battle it out live on CNN."

  3. I thought it was interesting how she called it 2 for trump 2 for democrats. Which is this election. Donald trump vs democrats. Trump is taking over the Republican Party. Now I have always respected both parties. I my self am only 15 and not sure what party I will eventually fall into. As a person. Donald trump seems like a decent human being. As a president I'm not so sure. He's said some really smart things and some really dumb things. He's also flip floppity. One minute I like him the next I hate him. It's been happening ever since it was announced he was running. When he first announced it. I thought. No chance in hell. Now he is here and I'm thinking. Really? This actually happened? Ok what ever. Hillary on the other hand. I know had an email scandal. So what people. So what. It's already over. So why are people still talking about. I don't think it will effect her presidency what so ever. But I do think she is more reasonable on a lot of matters than trump.

  4. C'mon people this is too easy to read Hillary Clinton will win the election, she has the Latino, black, Asian, Muslim, women, gay lesbian vote she will win the big states with more electoral votes! SO HILLARY CLINTON WILL WIN !!!

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