Pollsters Monkey with Election

What does a Chinese monkey’s preference tell us about the election? That by EVERY metric but mainstream media polls, including a Chinese Punxsutawney Phil, Trump is winning.

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  1. lol, so the antichrist lost an election to an orange man child with tiny little baby hands? Holy shit, Satan doesn't seem to have the power he used to…

    I hope you're wearing your tin foil hats so you don't get infected by the demon waves from this scary hocus pocus. The real story here… grown adults believing in magic- which applies to the hillary camp and the dumb dumb who is behind this video (and the republicans at bonhemian grove).

  2. Monkeys are more inteligent than an updated inhuman being who thinks Money can do everything. Monkeys can read human minds and see it like it is, but monkeys cannot read inhuman beings whom are corrupted from their core. Thank you Super masters humanoids!

  3. What a wonderful plan! If Hillary does steal this election, the fun will begin. Instead of them having to fly off to some distant island, they could start splashing the blood and the rest of the sick ingredients all over the White House. We could start calling it the Red House, and you know we are all invited. She'll probably throw some killer parties for us all so we do not get bored while awaiting our destiny in a FEMA camp. Yeah, sounds like a real good time..
    Guess we all know why Hillary smells like death.
    One positive thing, we will on November 8th come to a better understanding of just how much of the US population are worthless reprobates, and how much rope we will need to treat everybody infected.

  4. Man, exciting stuff. Never thought the conspiracy theories would come true. Evil has a face now. The last thing I miss are some emails about UFOs and I could contently go to sleep 😀 Pretty bizarre

  5. Another example on how corrupt the media are:

    A 28-year-old man armed with a gun targets a Pizza Hut for robbery. A Pizza Hut employee armed with a gun shoots and kills the armed robber. The mother of the armed robber now demands answers as to why Pizza Hut employee was armed, and demands that the employee be charged for shooting the robber. The media then craft a story as if the armed robber's mother has a legitimate complaint, and cast the robber as the victim in this matter. (The media, of course, do not question why the robber had a gun, nor do they seem concerned for the well-being of the restaurant employees and patrons, the real victims.)

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  6. What's the matter with the NY Police Department?
    Let it all hang out NOW!
    The more time they allow the Clintons to circle the wagons and develop a strategy, the more danger those folks are in who hold the truth.

  7. Man, I have to pinch myself, it's incredible that this satanic stuff those "conspiracy kooks" have ranted about on for decades is really the enter of attention now, this is really happening.. wow.

  8. All the people that support Trump if Hillary won they could still acknowledge Donald Trump as their president and not abide by Hillary or the government. However with that thought in mind is there going to be an election and will it actually go through without a destructive event taking place? Not many days left to find out if the election will be held up.

  9. Brexit polls said we would remain the day before the vote – to the point that even on the night of the referendum Farage and other people were convinced we were stuck in the EU. But Brexit won. Ignore the polls. Vote based on your conscience, not based on what other people might be doing. It's anonymous for a reason. Just my two cents.

  10. As I have said before these people are the children of the devil. They are the Goats on the left hand of Yahwah Eloheem God, and the tares sown among the wheat by Satan the devil.

  11. Why is Abramovic so keen on having John Podesta at her "Spirit Cookling Party"? Is it, because she is lacking secret videos and fotografs to use in later blackmail??

  12. Well they got one thing right, It's not "devil worship". It's self worship. The rituals are there just to evoke a feeling of being special…

    where the narcissistic ego can temporarily impose it's will on the universal consciousness.

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