Predicting the 2016 Election Winner: Clinton in Landslide

I predict the winner of the 2016 presidential election between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump.
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  1. I hate to say it, but unless something drastic happens Hillary will win because only Presidents that are member of the Bilderbergs, CFR and the NWO, open borders will win.  Soros with Hillary will tear America  apart.  Hold on tight Americans.  So sorry our country is in the wrong direction.

  2. I did not want to watch this because I really did NOT want to see the waves of anger and butthurt in the comments below. I have this wild habit of scrolling down just to look. "Me am Voyeur."

    There are times I think Trump is deliberately trying to murder the Republican party.

    *I left out a LOT, I wanted to say, because I simply have no heart for a flame war right now.

  3. I don't see how Trump can win after obama won the last two elections…But hillary is no obama either. If Gary Johnson wins enough electoral votes, neither Trump nor hillary will win and the house will vote Johnson in. Sounds crazy, but not impossible.

  4. lol how can anyone vote for that thieving pedophile defending women and im not talking about bill. when she was a lawyer she defended a pedophile and blamed it on the girl the man raped and got him off scotch free. shows her devotion to money. vote he on we will all be speaking Chinese after she starts ww3.
    if you don't believe me you can watch the taped court case please do watch it

  5. You cannot poll a populist candidate.  I remember when John Engler ran for governor for the state of Michigan.  All the polls said that Jim Blanchard the Democrat would win by 9 points even up to election day.  He lost and during the campaign Engler told the press that you are wrong, you are missing it.  Trump is a populist candidate. DO NOT get discouraged.  It is common practice for the establishment to predict a win for their candidate Hillary Clinton so you give up. 
    Vote these bastards out of office.  She is very evil.  We the common citizen must stand up now or we are doomed by the Clinton crime family.  This is not a joke or an over exaggeration.  This is serious for our future.

  6. From Europe: "The death of America will be the death of the West". Do not vote Hillary. She is supported by Islamist Saudi Arabia and will allow many terrorists into your country – ironically, she's supported by an Islamic nation that kills gays and oppresses women, yet has the gall to say she's got the LGBT and women's rights. She will ban free speech and hut down anything that goes against her – it will be an authoritarian rule where no one but terrorists – BLM, feminazis and Islamic – are supported.
    "Xenophobic", "Islamophobic", "racist", "misogynist" – if this is the cost for freedom: pay it with interest – don't give in to words, like we have in Europe.

  7. Yah Clinton will win but definitely not with over 400 electoral votes, I predict 317-221 will be the best Trump gets and the result to be 374-164. The Republicans will take at least 8 years to recover from that and it could be the end of the Republican Party if your prediction is correct.

  8. The Republican party is in a very tough spot. There are two parties within the Republican party at the moment. You've got the "traditional republicans" and the "intellectual Republicans" and the "fiscal conservative Republicans" over on one side of the room. {George Will-Michael Brooks-William Kristal- and a host of other decent, nice human beings, who have strong views.} On the other side of the room you have the nihilists who hate everyone and everything. They hate Obamacare. They hate taxes. {They are the first in line to take a tax break.} They hate Social Security {but they love cashing the check.} They hate the "Global Warming crowd." They hate Boston and they hate San Francisco or any other multi-cultural city. They hate everything {you know who I'm talking about.} Then you've got the poor white racists and the good old boy white ignoramuses {though there are a few black and latino's mixed in there.} You've got the so called Christian conservatives who demonize anyone who doesn't think like they do and spew hate everywhere and then you've got the conspiracy "nuts" from the Alex Jones neck of the woods {who FOX is "playing too" more and more…………………So you've got these two "I'm from Mars and your from Venus" factions in the Republican party……………and right now the neanderthal's are winning and I just don't see how you reconcile it. I don't see how they "come together." The neanderthal side does NOT want to negotiate. Their whole premise is that they won't negotiate. It is like Trump. Trump CAN'T apologize. His whole persona is that he will NOT apologize. So how do these two disparaging sides "come together? They don't…………………….After the 2012 election what did EVERY Republican strategist say was their primary goal? They ALL agreed that the one thing they HAD to do was get more latino's into the tent. They ALL agreed on that and what did they do? Three weeks after they said this they started talking about how they couldn't allow any "deals" with the immigrants and what we needed to do was get stricter about our borders. Why? Because that is what the "base" wanted to hear. Essentially any thinking Republican politician has to cut their own throat in order to win. Look at McCain. When he ran for President I didn't even know the guy. {I once admired John McCain.} He became this Ted Nugent action hero because that is what he felt he had to do to win the neanderthal "base."………………..Very difficult for a Romney or anyone like that now. They have to act as though they are Bruce Willis in one of those action movies {and that isn't who they are.}
    You've also got the Demographics dynamic now the Republicans have to deal with. There are more and more minorities. There are less and less white male voters. Hillary Clinton started this election with about 201 Electoral votes "in her pocket" while the Republican {Donald Trump} started with about 155 electoral votes "in his pocket." This fundamental differential is HUGE. Are you kidding me? That is like starting a hundred meter dash at the five meter mark for the Democrat. All things being equal NOW the Democratic candidate has about a 60% chance of winning the election REGARDLESS and you have a Republican party that is in utter disarray. Very difficult situation for the Republican's.

  9. your assuming which state comes first. it's a race. the first to 270 wins. you left out Florida Ohio Nevada and I think your wrong about Michigan. they want jobs plus Trump just won on the 2nd debate.

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