Presidential Election 2016 Predictions – Electoral College Prediction Map – Our Next President?

Update: Nobody should objectively find this map unreasonable. After going through state by state it’s only different from 2012 by switching Iowa and Ohio from democrat to republican. If you want some fairy tale guess that has your preferred candidate winning every state I’m sure there are other videos on Youtube for you. In the end all these prediction videos will be put up against the actual results come November and that’s when everyone will see if they happened to be right or not. Have fun and be civil with this kind of stuff!

In this video I go through how I think the 2016 electoral college will shape out in the upcoming presidential election in November. I go through state by state predicting whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will win based on polling, historical evidence, and how I think the coming months will shape out with the debates and news stories.


  1. imao green I agree they can't hear that trump is going to loose. do you people know how many small company's only Latino owned that he screwed out of money. when it was time to pay he would say I want to see green cards for all of your workers.

  2. Here is a fact. The majority of folks saying they are voting for Clinton, aren't voting for her because she's such an experienced leader, successful, honest or trustworthy.

  3. I really think Hillary will win Ohio and Georgia. She is up in Ohio by pretty close to 8% and Georgia by 4-5%. She has loads of field offices there too and trump really doesn't have much. I think Hillary has both of those states for sure.

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