Presidential Rap Debates: HILLARY vs TRUMP + Jill Stein & Gary Johnson [RAP NEWS]

Hello world. RAP NEWS is back for a special episode on the 2016 USA Election mayhem, feat. Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump + a touch of Jill Stein & Gary Johnson. This one’s dedicated to all the Rap News fans out there!

I’m delighted to bring this amazing series back to life for this historic event! I look forward to seeing how this episode is received. I know it won’t be the same without Robert Foster, but hope you’ll find the same spirit and juice alive and well. If you like this new episode, and leave lots of loving comments for the awesome new team who joined me to make this possible (nudge-nudge!), we might just come together again and bring you more Rap News videos in the future.

I hope you enjoy.

– Written & directed by GIORDANO
– Rhymed by MANTRA
– Featuring guest artists:
— CLASS-A as Hillary Clinton & Jill Stein:
— MANTRA as Donald Trump & Gary Johnson:
— GREY GHOST as Vermin Supreme:
– Vermin Supreme rhymed by GREY GHOST
– Beat produced by D-RUSH:
– Additional epic orchestrations by Adrian Sergovich
– Make up by Rosie Dunlop
– Artwork assistance by Zoe Tame:
– Opening animation created by Jonas Schweizer (aka Kookybone)
– Thanks to DBot Rawlinson for valuable input into writing this episode
– Thanks to Lucy Cahill and Louis Gundermann for production assistance
– Thanks to Lucy, Julie Catagnon, Adso, Ben Erwin & Louis Gundermann for support!
– English captions created by Koolfy
– Video and audio edited by Giordano
– Juice Rap News – originally co-created by Giordano Nanni & Hugo Farrant. You can check out Hugo’s new work here:

– Tobe Freeman, Hilary Tyler, Amel Tresnic, Ben Erwin, Hala Abokamil, Thomas Mettam, Fabrizio Venturini, Paul Totzke, Nick Abbott, Josh Savage, Niko Nyrhilä, Leo Lundell, Anonymous (BitCoin)

– Dimitra Makryllos, Sam Gray (Seido Sunnybank), Jeroen De Dauw, Andreas Borg, Lewis Fraser, Noah Valley Valley, @Geniocratic, Kimmo Varis, Sibel Gurler, Matthew Vandenberg, Stephen P Hall, Michael Forno, Bethany Coambs, Jeremy Hills, Sam Safa, Marco Barneto Hernandez, Gordon Magill, Carson Wilcox, Paul Garrido, Volker Bache, Ali Salaam, Dietmar Scholz, Taylor Gundry, Karin Åberg, Tom Deluca

(This special edition of Rap News was crowdfunded by the above legends – tyvm!)

– Serbian translation by Tamara L.
– French translation by Julie Chatagnon
– Spanish translation by Vitama
– German translation FL-Bremen
– Danish translation by Mathilde
– Dutch translation by Jonas Maebe
– Portuguese translation by Vitor

– Lyrics:
– Free high-quality mp3:

– Chris Hedges: “The Revenge of the Lower Classes and the Rise of American Fascism” – this brilliant article by Hedges provided a lot of the perspective I adopted in this episode
– Rania Khalek: “Is Hillary Clinton more dangerous than Donald Trump?” – great article on Hillary Clinton’s policies and agenda
– CNN: “What the Green Party’s Jill Stein believes in 2 minutes” – Good summary of Jill Stein’s policies; CNN: “What Libertarian Gary Johnson believes in 2 minutes” – Good summary of Gary Johnson’s policies
– Bloonface: “No wonder the young are supporting unapologetic socialists— they’re fucked”
– The Wrap: “Are Hitler-Trump Comparisons Fair? A Holocaust Survivor Tells His Son”

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  1. Why Im voting Jill,
    Hillary kills children and Trump raped them so both are psycho, Gary on the other hand does not care if children survive either only psychopaths will vote for these types or very ignorant types.

  2. You guys are the best, and even though you took a rest please bring back your clear views that are easy to digest! Bill De Berg is top notch, but I know that General Baxter takes order from Ed Koch….whatever, however you pronounce it, it's always great to see you guys with your profound shit!

  3. Oh my god I cant even explain how happy and excited this got me after just seeing the thumbnail. It's not the same as with Hugo, but it's still so so so nostalgic and refreshing to see rap news again. You're an inspiration and the world needs more messages like these, preferably to a beat 😛
    Very long time fan, I had to comment after seeing another rap news segment up again. This made my day.

  4. Gary Johnson is a Republican in sheep's clothing still getting money from Pacs. Better to vote Jill Stein and Green Party that's how we will make America Great.

  5. i have been watching rap news from early on and have loved the series and am very pleased to hear it will continue it is great for news and rap both of which i like and love the mix good luck and thank you for the amazing work

  6. I'm no Trump Troll, but this is very disappointing to me. Gary Johnson is NOT a real choice. He is ill informed and completely ignorant of his party's philosophy. He doesn't know what (and by extension WHERE) Aleppo is located and he is in favor of TPP. It's almost like the GOP is trying to infiltrate the 3rd party.

    Also, do a little research. The lawsuit against Trump that alleged rape was dropped and has been refiled for a 3rd time! There is no real scandal to be found in this video against Trump. Its like John Oliver's hit piece where the worst he could say was somebody, at some point in time changed the family name from Drumpf (I would have, also) to Trump.

    Lets be logical, we got an egotistical asshat running for president against a criminal who broke the law repeatedly, DESPITE THE RECOMMENDATION TO NOT PROSECUTE, she did break those laws. Why is she above the law? Because the status quo needs to keep on. She is a criminal and needs to be in prison, or at the VERY LEAST, she needs to be charged with her crimes and put on trial. Whether or not she is proven innocent, she needs to be be standing trial, not running for president.

    Please, for the love of good taste, tell us Juice Media, that you have not taken any money from anyone Hillary related. Please.

  7. You think Hillary is better than Trump? That is a joke she has literally helped create all this corruption and the back stage deals that are destroying our nation. At least Trump will shake things up, they push the racism thing hard in all the media but it is not really true. People from other countries only see the mainstream media stuff so of course he looks bad to them but Hillary looks like Obama and Bush combined to us!

  8. I been looking forward to voting for Jill Stein since January 2015. Then Bernie came around and I jumped to his ship. Now hes out I went back to Jill and shes not being allowed on the ballot in my state of Oklahoma :(. Now all I can do is sign a paper demanding she be let on…

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