Second Presidential Debate | Election 2016 | The New York Times

Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump square off for the second time during a debate held at Washington University in St. Louis.

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Second Presidential Debate | Election 2016 | The New York Times


  1. Here in Belgium everyone thinks America is now in the hands of 2 clows (they lettarly said that on the national news) but in our country we definatly think Hillary is the better choise, trump is a swine!
    I really don't get why anyone would ever vote for trump, but that's my opinion

  2. Trump: I will ask Hillary why she does not use any of her money for campaign.
    Martha: We have to move on to the next question.
    Me: I'm going to puke again.
    This country is becoming Stalinist to say the least.

  3. Hillary only has to do one thing to win every youngster in america in the 3rd debate. Wait the appropriate amount of time, and after he says another really dumb thing. Just burst into laughter uncontrollably. We can all see you want to mam. It must be really, REALLY hard to keep a straight face. Thats really goddamn impressive

  4. hillary shall win tells her future. All women shall vote her . men about 33% shall vote her , muslims shall vote her. Besides If once trump said "I shall Shun my business while being President", He shall win

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