1. A little bit optimistic for Trump. You presume he will exceed the 200 electoral votes… that will be the case in only two conditions: 1- he manages to raise more money than Clinton who is recently beating all historical records and 2- he will have to destroy her in the dabates, especialy the first one. But as we know, Trump has been seen as the winner of most republican debates but only republicans where involved and it did not prevent some surprising defeats in some states. When it come to the national stage, even if they are full of surprises, Americans are not all as dump as Republicans: they will pay more attention to propositions and polical views and knowledges… and Trump is preatty weak on those grounds.
    Plus, you seem to forget the demografic factor in key states as Florida where black people and latinos are way more than they used to be. No way Trump wins Florida. I'd say, it's stupid nowadays to even concidere Florida as a swing state, it has voted for democrats since Clinton and we know only two exceptions: 2000 when it was to close to call between Bush and Gore for around 100 votes and 2004 when the USA were at war…And, don't be so sure about Texas going for Trump because they used to vote republican: there aswell, the latinos are a big factor and will certainaly vote against Trump despite they used to vote easyly republican along with the hole states… but regarding the two Obama campaing, you must see that the republican strenght over there tends to decrease.
    And finaly, never forget that Clinton will have the Obama electoral organisation to secure the swing states: he used the big datas to provide the most efficient ground campaign and that is how he won againts Clinton in the democratic primary in 2008 before crushing Mc Cain. He put the system to a next level in 2012 againts Mitt Romney who is still trying to figure out how he got kicked that hard !!

  2. +Mikey Hagan, Jr. Read the polls, Hillary is winning PA double digits, She's winning Virginia by 5+ which is her Vice Presidential Candidates home state is, and she winning in Michigan and Wisconsin. And She's winning North Carolina.

  3. Check out the independent support favoring Trump, changes a lot in NC. Crooked Clintons lead is .0something. Trump will win with Michigan, Wisconsin, NH, Virginia and prolly PA too. Would love to see Trump take NY, totally possible at this point.

  4. It's definitely a tough time for the USA at the moment, given they have the worst republican and democrat in modern history for this election. But I'm hoping Clinton wins this election – she may be awful as well, but at least she's not as bad as Trump

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