1. I find it funny how the people hosting this are so obviously trying to hang Trump by the balls. They call him out and then try to not even let him respond to Hillary. I hate both and the fact that people actually think the people running this country are actually going to put someone in office just because we vote for them is pretty sad. Between these two Hilary should probably win simply because of how much better the economy was with Bill but I have a strange feeling that Trump might still win which speaks volumes on how crazy this world has become

  2. Is Hell-Ery, Pat Sajak, (Wheel of Fortunes) Hosts, Fraternal Twin/Body Double?? Something about that Mug, that looks as if ya just swallowed, a Flying Saucer. My comp, can barely get the GIRTH of that Mug, in the screenshot! I'm telling ya, some1 beat that mo fo w- the ugly stick, relentlessly &. the Daughter, absolutely frightening, hideous @ even a glance!!! I didn't know that one could make a "Grill" out of Piano Keys! Too bad these aren't Spartan days, where u r allowed to throw the Fk'd up rejects off of a cliff, into their resting place, the community's CESS pool of refuse & other contaminants & waste! Bye bye, relentlessly, annoying, LEACHES!!!

  3. I have followed Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for 6 months now and I can only say this. Hillary is a liar. She lies like a sidewalk. I can't believe how anyone can lie again and again like Hillary Clinton and face themselves in a mirror?

  4. Whenever she puts on that fake confidence grin, you know she's getting owned. And by the way, Trump bitch slapped her towards the end of the video. She paused for like five seconds. Brilliant.

  5. WHY did you not do ANY of these things in the past 30 years that you are saying you are going to do now.?? I certainly hope you don't ignore the call for help from our brave men and women when they are in great danger and on the verge of being murdered. You stole the line "I want to be the President for all America" I believe Donald has been saying this from the beginning. You obviously are listening to a lot of what he is saying because sometimes you repeat it verbatim. You are such a joke. Tell the American people , truthfully, what is just one thing good you have done for america. We can write a book on the evil things you have done, not even bringing in the Wikileaks e-mails to help fill it. Donald, without a doubt won this debate in spite of being cut off on many issues when he was bringing out the truth. Bill and Killary are evil. Bill may not be running for president BUT if Killary wins, the rapist Bill will be back in the White House up to his same shameful acts.

  6. At least Donald Trumps rich ass would DO SOMETHING. World Leaders behaving conservatively with the homeless, war related migrants, and just the whole world population, AND STILL ACTING LIKE THEY WILL HELP OR FIX THE PROBLEM. Who starts war with a country, destroys the whole infrastructure, and then blames the leader of the country for everything, lies to its citizens about whats happening, and invites the citizens into ITS OWN COUNTRY, putting itself in danger???? The United States, and its allies. GOD KILL SAUDI ARABIA

  7. Theres a reason why Clintons, White House, media and other mechanisms standing together as one against trump. He may be new but surely will bring change as hes not adept to all corruption and evil which these 'old timers' expertise.

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