The Hacking Of The 2016 Election | All In | MSNBC

Glenn Greenwald joins Chris Hayes to talk about massive hacks into the Democratic National Committee and the private email account of Clinton campaign chair John Podesta.
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The Hacking Of The 2016 Election | All In | MSNBC


  1. Shouldn't voters be able to know who they're voting for? Isn't that essential for the functioning of a democracy? Thanks to leaks and hacks, we know Hillary is a pro-TPP, pro-fracking corporatist who thinks Wall Street was a misunderstood victim of the financial crisis, and who doesn't feel obliged to represent herself honestly to voters. HOW IS THIS NOT NEWS?!?! And, anyway, if the press were doing its job, the leaks would be redundant.

  2. Trump is just about to quote Wikileaks and MSNBC cuts it off. It's so blatantly obvious, you idiots. Was he going to read the part about MSNBC being in collusion with the Democratic Party? Was that it?

  3. chris hayes is a 24-7 hillary infomercial—-the democratic party has become the war hawk corporate party of one percent elites–and chris hayes just plays his role to the hilt

  4. Clinton's email are an indictment of her duplicity.I am grateful for every hack that exposes
    a politician who is corrupt.Chris Hays can longer carry on a logical sequence of ideas.

  5. yay Glenn Greenwald!!! 😀 😀 😀 thx for interviewing him! he is a very articulate principled guy! Chris Hayes seems to care more about protecting powerful peope of his country (politicians, corporate executives..) than to inform us.. but at least he s open minded enough to have Greenwald on his show.. thumbs up for you good sirs!! :)

  6. God Chris you really are a co,plete sold out bought off Hillary POS Shill . You had potential but you have no credibility left . REal Democrats for TRUMP 2016 . NEVER HILLARY (EVER) .

  7. If some burglar tries to rob a house and find a dead body in the house , should the journalist report it or ignore it because it was found by a burglar.the contents of the emails should be published if they are of public interest even if it is obtained illegally , During a sting operation u are violating the right to privacy of a person but still it is used .
    But we know for a fact that Podesta's right to privacy is not stopping MSNBC from reporting it rather it's the content of the email.Everyone knows Corporate media shills for Hillary.

  8. How sad… Chris stop trying defend Hillary and her goons. The wiki leaks should be published! You Sir are just one of Hilary's pawn and you don't even know it. There is no justification for not reporting the wiki leaks info the the American people. Doesn't matter where it came from because it is the truth.

  9. I can't believe how Chris Hayes isn't even trying to hide his support for HRC in this video clip. HRC and her minions wouldn't be pointing the finger at Russia trying to deflect attention from the hacked emails if the content of the materials weren't so damning.

  10. The one thing that I am worried about is that emails cannot independently verified to the same extent as documents as tax returns or the Pentagon Papers. Even if one trusts WikiLeaks, how can anyone prove that X% these (where X is any number between 0.0 and 100.0) emails weren't edited before they were given to WikiLeaks?
    Neither of them even brought it up, so are they just assuming all of them are true?

  11. Trump may have 40% of the Republican Party base, BUT 30% of ALL young educated Americans wanted Bernie Sanders.  Do the math!!!!!  Liberals rock!!!!  So, Steve Bannon, you can forget your plans to ruin the Republican party to create your own new nazi facist racist sexist party.  Bernie Sanders, name your successor!!!!!!!!

  12. Greenwald is scum. Luckiest man ever when Snowden handed him the story. He thinks he is a God that decides who has privacy and who does not. He is a tool of anarchists and dictators.

  13. Americans need these leaks, it is the only truths we are getting. If Russia is doing the hacking, so what? Our government is also hacking them but that is NEVER mentioned. Further, our government is hacking us,,, so wake up. Truth is what counts not the source.

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