The New York Times Treats Trump Like The Two Bit Punk He Is While Mocking Lawsuit Threat

The New York Times treated Donald Trump like a punk by mocking his lawsuit threat with a fiery and highly factual response.

Here is the laughably terrible letter that Trump’s lawyer, who is surprisingly not named Lionel Hutz, sent to The New York Times:

Here is the response from NYT attorney David McCraw:


In other words, bring it on.

The New York Times isn’t going to be intimidated by the same tactics that Donald Trump has used to scare individuals, and smaller companies into giving him what he wants. The Times generates more revenue in a year than Trump’s entire net worth.

If Donald Trump wants to sue The New York Times, the paper would be thrilled to drag him into court, get him under oath, and force him to discuss his history of inappropriate touching of women.

Donald Trump was just treated like the two-bit punk that he is by one of the nation’s newspapers of record.

As usual with Trump, his lawsuit threat is all about empty bluster and looking tough instead of actually being tough.

Donald Trump doesn’t want to tangle with The New York Times. The NYT isn’t afraid of Trump, and they just put the reality television star firmly in his place.

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