The Race to White House: US Election 2016

The race is on to elect the brand new most powerful leader of super power America. The US Presidential elections primaries are heating up ahead of the national conventions where the Democrats and Republicans will choose their front runners. The two big opponents will slug it out in the political arena to win the Presidential race later in November this year. Even before the race reaches the final round it has already gotten ugly and how in the intra party debates, leaving the old and young to say mind your language.

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  1. I love how this anchor doesn't mince words and play niceties. This is how our election should be covered. Shame on CNN, Fox, MSNBC, ABC, and the rest of the mainstream media for kissing Trump's ass.

  2. Dislike Ted Cruz, Donald Trump? Well Barack HUSSEIN Obama sure talks a big game but he has (1) committed countless war crimes, essentially gave American weaponry to ISIS militants making them more powerful and more dangerous, (2) has turned racism in the USA back to the 1940's (black people are totally out of control now!) where we have riots and violence
    everywhere, and (3) even produced a fake birth certificate and "birth video" to deceive the American public into believing he was born in Hawaii. He's so unpopular the Kenyan government is accusing him of being born in the States. Also, "Obamacare" is completely anti-American, thank God he's gone in a matter of months. What a stellar president! He and his repulsive family have been nothing but squatters, that's right, fucking SQUATTERS, in the White House for the last 7+ years. Barack Hussein Obama, you dirty fucking piece of shit Kenyan nigger GO BACK TO KENYA AND DIE.

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