The Vice-Presidential Debate: Tim Kaine And Mike Pence (Full Debate) | NBC News

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The Vice-Presidential Debate: Tim Kaine And Mike Pence (Full Debate) | NBC News


  1. This guy Kaine (and Hilary) looks so fake.. He sounds like he's reciting an essay for the most part. Look at that fake face acting like he cares about people. I like Pence and Trump cause they're not afraid to be real. If being real causes some people to hate you then so be it. I'd entrust my future to people like them over the pretentious ones.

  2. He thinks of immigrants as only Mexican people. He also thinks everyone that is latino in America is Mexican. He thinks those "Mexican" People are rapists. That is so ignorant and makes no sense. There are tons of Latino people that are registered to vote that were born here. The fact that he categorizes a group of people makes him racist.

  3. Mike Pence is not even acknowledging the fact there is a black and white issue with cops and black people. Law enforcement is racist and killing black people for no reason. Yeah stop and frisk only black people which has been happening for years.

  4. clinton foundation dont give not even ten percent.They want to make it about trump taxes.That is a distraction from what she has done.Taxes is nothing when it come to the security to this country.Clinton is bought,that is way they are scared of someone that has not been bought

  5. Who we vote for matters. You know what matters more? Taking responsibility as citizens for our lives and the state of our country. No matter who gets elected, we can chose, and will chose collectively how the future turns out. If we can't count on them to have integrity and to make good decision, then we need to count on ourselves to be responsible, rational, non-reactive, productive, frugal, patient, forgiving, brave and peaceful. On that note, I would pick either of these VP candidates over either of their running mates for President, if only that were an option.

  6. Wow… 12:50 response from Pence absolutely destroyed the leftist and weak policies of Kaine in Virginia… Awesome work Pence! The the knucklehead Kaine response with a stupid tag line "Do you want a you're hired bleh bleh bleh — lies — lies "… Jeesh, if the Americans vote for HIllary/Kaine, they are lost…

  7. The Clinton campaign didn't care about winning this debate. They sent Kaine in to generate video clips of Kaine accusing Trump of saying stupid or hateful things, then clips of Pence denying that Trump said them. Then they made an attack ad with the clips, followed by Trump actually saying what Kaine accused him of saying. A lot more people are going to see the ad (called "Indefensible") than the debate.

  8. I don't understand why everyone thinks pence won this debate. I read something a political pundit said about how voters rarely scrutinize debates line by line, instead making their judgments based on the overall tone and performance of a candidate, and while I fear that may actually be the case for most, I feel it's a mistake. Voters should judge the debates based not only on how their points are made, but also on what those points actually are. While Kaine did interrupt a lot, which some are comparing to trump, he didn't do so in the aggressive and downright ugly way trump did. I think kaine was on the defense because of the fact that his opponent refused to address many of the negative truths about his running mate, skirted issues and questions brought up by the moderator, and continued in trump fashion to perpetrate lies. Pence may have won the style portion of this pageant, but Kaine won in substance.

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