Trump Advisor Says It’s Not Sexual Assault Unless The Victim Reports It Right Away

Trying to play damage control for Donald Trump in the wake of another devastating story, senior Trump campaign advisor AJ Delgado stormed the airwaves to attack two women who claim the Republican nominee had sexually assaulted them.

On ‘All In with Chris Hayes’, Delgado said, “These allegations are decades old. If somebody actually did that, Chris, any reasonable woman would have come forward and said something at the time.”

“Isn’t that trivializing sexual assault?” Hayes shot back.


Delgado went on to say the two women in the story lacked credibility because they support Hillary Clinton for president. Although it’s puzzling why the Trump advisor was shocked that two women who were allegedly sexually assaulted by Trump would support his campaign.

When she realized she didn’t have a credible defense for her boss, Delgado returned to the Republican safe place: attacking Bill Clinton for his sexual past.

“I understand why you guys want to make it about Bill Clinton,” Hayes responded, “But he’s not running for president right now.”

The back-and-forth came just after the release of a bombshell New York Times story in which two women accuse the Republican nominee of touching them without consent on two separate occasions.

One of the alleged sexual assault incidents occurred more than three decades ago, while the other took place in 2005 – the same year Trump was caught bragging to Billy Bush about how he can do whatever he wants to women.

This story continues to unravel for Donald Trump with just 26 days until voters go to the polls.

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