Trump And The Future – Infowars Coverage Of The Second Presidential Debate – 10/09/2016

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  1. "When Donald Trump holds rallies, his supporters aren't sending their
    best. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re
    bringing those problems with them. They’re bringing hatred. They’re
    bringing bigotry. They’re racists. And some, I assume, are good people."
    —- Unknown FB Hero

  2. Did you notice when the audience applauded Hillary for a good 5 seconds the moderatos said nothing and at 2:25:15 Trump supporters laughed at hillary for about a second and the moderator shat herself….

  3. Please please you got more hoax then any body here , plus when you are a reporter you don't take sides thats what a good reporter does we the poor people always are going to be screw for those with money trump ego is the worst of his person he dont care even of his own kids look for a video where he talks about having more kids opening a fund account so he will support the kids buy he don' t want to be part of their lifes , hillary dont give a dam about you or this chanel please their agenda is bigger than this mediocre news chanel ,

  4. One thing I've not seen mentioned in regards to biased debate #2 – It was CLEAR AS DAY they played with the EQ on Trump's mic and didn't feed that raw feed back to his monitor (if he even wore one) – they boosted the highs in EQ so much – i see liberals complaining about his sniffling more than hillary's lame retorts or her brushing off her crimes with arrogance. they had the lows on his mic EQ'd low too, but her mic was EQ'd well – boosted the low-mids and lows but trump's lows were flattened in EQ. Any audio people will know what I mean. Someone please report on this.

    – Patriot from Australia

  5. as an ex muslim im voting for trump because we need to show people the west isn't a place you can easily get into under the flag of refuge. we need more honest hardworking patriot Muslims who love the west. we need to keep an eye on every single refugee. wanna come to the US? be prepared to be questioned who you align with and prepare to be tested for a long time.

  6. The CLINTON -SAUDI CONNECTION needs to enter the debate..the Democrats directing CRIMES against humanity, the Sauidis' RAPE of Yemen (note the Clinton warm connection with the Saudis) the Clinton/Obama consortium dragging us into WAR with Russia, Syria, Iran..W/ the Clinton witch in charge, a huge mess, a big war, more world chaos, international suicide looms! WE MUST SIDE WITH TRUMP AND WORLD PEACE!!!!

  7. It's kinda funny, every time before she speaks she says "everything he just said is a lie" also, Trump said he's going to cut taxes for everyone, she tells people he's only going to cut taxes for the rich, does she not know how to listen? And in a speech (maybe multiple but I only heard it in one clip) Hillary said very loudly and clearly "we are going to raise taxes on the middle class!" and now all the sudden she wants to cut taxes? Will this bitch say anything to get a vote?

  8. watch how he held back 2 times when the moderaters attacked him, said he wanted to talk about policy, but when hillary attacked him, judo slamed her into her face

  9. To be fair TRUMP has a RAPE HISTORY too,just letś don´t ignore that.Besides he was disqualifying the same women he took to the 2nd debate by calling them ugly,losers,etc?

  10. "Because you'd be in jail!" Trump won the debate right there! I jumped out of my chair and rolled on the floor laughing after hearing that. The line heard around the world, that was amazing! Hillary Clinton got owned!

  11. This election is fixed in favour of Hilary Clinton! There's no way she won the second debate even thought the biased media says she won! Trump ripped her to pieces!

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