1. People no longer give a shit about the bullshit sex allegations except for Bill Clinton, whose reputation proceeds him. Historical News organizations have 0 credibility, None. Their attacks on Trump are so damn obvious that an idiot could see through them. They think you people are retarded, as they ride around in their chauffeur driven Limo's drinking expensive champagne paid for by George SOROS. The Democratic so called elite are so damn dirty, and underhanded, that I do not see how they can even stand themselves. They are laughing at us, and for good reason.

    They hate Trump because

    1. He will make no back room deals.
    2. He will not take money from special Interest Groups.
    3. He will cut the income stream to politicians in their pay for play game
    4. He has not paid the usual fortune to the MSM for access. He does not need to.
    5. He is not a Lawyer or a career political Parasite.
    6. He has worked for a living, unlike smelly clinton who has been in Washington for 40 years and has only caused Death, Destruction, and Dissension among our people.

     All that it takes for Evil to succeed is for a few good men to ignore it.

  2. Do you not realize that Detroit is in Michigan, and Trump just got Ford to bring back production of the Ford Ranger, and Bronco? Michigan is Trumps. New York will go red also, as will Maine. I have 413 Red, 125 Blue. the X-MSM are liars, all liars.

  3. What kind of self-respecting woman, or man, and one who respects other woman do if she found out that her middle aged husband was having oral sex with a young girl? What would you do? Bare in mind that those who do not act accordingly don't have the same moral set as you do. What would you do?

  4. Hey Michael Dugan, how about a poll update? Interested to hear you're opinion on the latest Trump video and how much of a game changer that could be, as well as Trump's pullout from VA.

  5. Clintons literally up by high double digits in pennslyvania and Colorado right now. Trump just pulled out of Virginia and Clinton is up 3-4 points in North Carolina.

    A rally size is no way to judge election results, ask president Romney about that

  6. You have your argument completely backwards. The math is not on Trump's side at all. The Democrats have a better time with the electoral college because a lot of states are turning blue. You're telling me Trump is going to win ALL the swing states? Haha come on now… I don't like Hillary but you know that's far fetched..

  7. For anyone watching his video should keep in mind that he's going based on a biased point of view, he was at a trump ralley and favors trump. No poll showed trump winning Colorado she has been consecutively winning that state, and Pennsylvania too. I don't see how he will win Pennsylvania and I'm willing to bet $300 usd for anyone who seriously thinks he will win that state.

  8. What is your latest update Michael? {10-11-16} Do you think Clinton will get 334 Electoral votes {without Iowa} or do you think she'll get 340 with Iowa?
    RealClearPolitics………..Clinton 84% chance of winning.
    FiveThirtyEight …………..Clinton 84% of winning.

  9. Omg, I thought for a second you would fix your map… But then you made it even worse XD Have you even looked at ANY of the predictions??? (I'm 5 mins in now, so maybe you mention this later) Hillary will definitely get Colorado, Idaho, New Hampshire, and most likely Pennsylvania. I don't know where your head is, but I'm guessing it's somewhere deep up your ass because we clearly aren't watching the same election here. Also, Florida, Nevada, Ohio, and North Carolina are up in the air right now. In fact, most polls are showing a slight Hillary lead or an even match. I only found one super conservative poll that said Trump has a slight lead in Ohio, everything else was either Hillary or even. So this map is just completely terrible. Hillary would win even without those four states I just mentioned, though she will probably get the majority of those too.

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