1. Agree with most of this. Kinda sad that any accurate prediction get's downvoted to hell. I hate both, but it's very clear that at least right now Clinton is a clear favorite, although as we've seen, a couple weeks can change things drastically, so Trump winning is definitely a possibility. If I was changing anything Nevada would go blue and Arizona red.

  2. One thing to remember about Nevada is that Democrats ALWAYS outperform the polls there. Clinton is currently up 1-6 point in the polls, if that holds till election day then it should be an easier win than many ppl think. The Democrats ground game and get out the vote is waaay superior.

    Regarding your whole prediction, the only difference i'd make is obviously making Nevada blue and i can't see Arizona being Blue. Other than that it Seems accurate looking at current polls at the moment.

  3. He will probably win CO, OH, NC, and FL as he's up by a couple points there and I don't know what ur saying about AZ cuz he's up by like 5 points there. I know many websites call AZ a swing state and I can see their reasoning but I don't think it`s logical. He's pretty much tied in MN and PA so thats anyones game. Sorry but this is a pretty biased map.

  4. "Trump supporters are very passionate, Clinton supporters aren't passionate at all." Yet you have basically all the swing states going to Clinton, Derp. Clinton 327, Trump 211? The hell are you smoking, at least pretend to be impartial in your analysis. No one in their right mind would have that large of a blowout for either candidate at this point it's simply too close.

  5. Arizona is NOT a swing state. It will never go Democrat. Why? Simply put, it's because of Maricopa County. Maricopa is Arizona's most populous county, it's home to Phoenix and 60% of the state's population. No presidential candidate can win Arizona without Maricopa County. There lies the problem for Democrats. Maricopa is a heavily conservative county that votes Republican by large margins. It is also home to Mesa, a Phoenix suburb that has been named America's most conservative big city. Maricopa County, as well as the state as a whole, even stayed loyally red for Barry Goldwater. Need more proof? Joe Arpaio has been Maricopa County's sheriff since 1993. That speaks for itself. You must be having a pipe dream if you think that Clinton is going to take Arizona. That state is red to the roots.

  6. very biased view. Trump is tied right now in Minnisota and winning in Pa. Keep in mind again that all of Hillary's supporters have spike out, Trump will win Florida. He is already winning in FL. and will take PA and Virginia

  7. you don't really include the fact that those swing states are full of silent majorities. most Hillary supports have spike there minds I think the remaining unknowns will either vote trump or independent.

  8. I honestly have no Idea.. but a couple other prediction maps are calling CO for Trump.. hope you're wrong.. but thanks for trying to make the issue clear.. going back to praying now.

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